American Sniper Review

Chris Kyle was an American sniper who did four tours in Iraq.  This movie is based on his life and experience not only in Iraq, but also when coming home from his tours.

I first have to start off by saying this movie is about as American as you can get. Chris Kyle was a true hero and saved countless lives during his tours.  He was one of, if not, the best sniper in American history.

Clint Eastwood did everything right with this movie. From the war aspects of the film, to how hard it is to adjust when one comes home from a war like the one in Iraq. Usually, movies tend to stretch the truth in order to get more viewers and have a cinematic feel, but this movie seems to get everything right. People who knew Chris Kyle said that everything in the movie was spot on.

This movie gives viewers a new feel. I felt connected to Chris Kyle and his family throughout the movie.  In part, this was due to the performances of Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller playing as Chris Kyle and Taya Kyle respectively.  These two actors make you feel more connected to the movie and the family more than most others of it’s kind.  Bradley Cooper excels in his role as the American sniper not only in Iraq, but when he’s coming home and suffering from the aspects of post traumatic syndrome.  Sienna Miller excels as the heart broken wife who has to keep watching the love of her life risk his life four different times for the country he loves.

This is a true story of a hero and a must see for fans of any genre.

The only gripe I have is the ending. Without getting into any spoilers, it doesn’t explain what happened (watch the movie and see the ending if you want to know more, or message me about it). I would have liked a little more detail in the ending, but other than that, the movie, cinematic effects, and acting were all spectacular.

Positives: Great acting makes you feel connected to the story.  Spectacular effects and feel really gives a person the sense of what soldiers and their families go through. The movie is based on a true American hero that really makes you feel proud to be an American.

Negatives: The ending could have given more of an overview as to what happened.

Overall: 9.5/10

The movie hits a spot deep in it’s viewers heart that’s hard to not fall in love with this movie. The acting, effects and feel all make this movie great despite the lack of detail in the ending.

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