Snowpiercer, Horns, I Frankenstein, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Talk about movies with actors with big screen experience. The four movies listed above are actors who are no stranger to the big screen. Snowpiercer features Chris Evans best known for playing Captain America, Horns features Daniel Radcliffe who is best known as Harry Potter.  I, Frankenstein stars Aaron Eckhart who played Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight. Finally Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters stars Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye from the avengers), Gemma Arterton (The disappearance of Alice Creed), and Famke Janssen (Jean Gray from X-Men).  Can these movies perform up to the level of their talented cast?

Snowpiercer – 8.3/10

After a failed global warmer experiment making the Earth too cold to live outside, the remaining inhabitants are forced onto a perpetual motion train.  This train will run forever in order to save everyone remaining.  The train is organized into segments of the upper class, lower class, and everyone else.  Curtis (Chris Evans) is part of the “everyone else” category.  He is in the back of the train with the “poverty” class. They are treated horribly by the people who run the train.  In order to stop this horrible treatment, Curtis along with the others in the back of the train, conspire to overtake control of the train.  With a great plot, outstanding acting, and a nice twist at the end, Snowpiercer is definitely a movie to check out.

Horns – 7.7/10

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Horns

“People say you should always do the right thing, but sometimes there is no right thing. And then, you just have to pick the sin you can live with.” – Ig Parrish (Daniel Radcliffe).  Ig is dating a woman who he has known his whole life, Merrin Williams.  These two love each other deeply but Merrin was brutally murdered and Ig is the main suspect.  Being completely drunk from the night before, he does not remember anything that happened.  Could he have murdered the love of his life or did someone else?  He sets out to find what really happened, but being so distraught he rejects God in his life because he believes that God should have protected Merrin.  Because he rejects God, Ig starts to grow horns.  These horns give him powers where people confess secret, sinful desires to him.  Can Ig find out who murdered Merrin before it is too late?  A movie I recommended seeing at least once, a couple of good twists coupled with decent acting makes Horns a movie to watch.

I, Frankenstein – 3/10

In the movie, a demon cannot posses a body that already has a soul in it.  Frankenstein has no soul.  In order to figure out his secret, the demons try to track Frankenstein down.  He is immortal and for centuries Frankenstein has been on the run.  Now he has decided to take the fight to the demons.  While he is taking the fight to the demons, he finds there is another side, the gargoyles.  The question is, are the gargoyles trustworthy?  A fairly confusing and boring plot line, I, Frankenstein is a movie without a soul.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters – 4.4/10

Being attacked by a witch as children, Hansel & Gretel set out to protect the people from these vile creatures.  Witches are ugly and cruel but can be stopped.  However, the high witch has a plan to make witches stronger and more powerful able to be immune to fire.  Hansel & Gretel set out to stop the witches before this happens.  The movie has good action sequences but little else.

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