Overhyped Horror Films March 25, 2015

Ever see a commercial for a horror film, and your heart starts to race just from those mere 30 seconds? You’re all excited to go to the theatre to watch that creepy horror movie you just saw in the commercial.  Thirty minutes pass, than an hour, by the time the movie is over, you’re wondering what happened to the creepiness of that commercial.

I need to start out by mentioning that I am a huge horror film buff. I watch all kinds of horror films from the back alley ones you find on Netflix, to the big name horror films shown in theatres. There are some that follow a conventional method, and others that don’t “follow the book”.

A horror film needs a lot in order to be considered a great movie or a classic movie. This is the hardest genre to make a good movie in. Not only does the movie need all the conventional aspects of movies (good plot, good acting, good character development, etc), but it also needs a creepy feel and moments where the audience is jumping out of their seats scared or wondering what just happened.

These movies that I’m about to list are over hyped horror films. Horror movies that were shown in tons of commercials, only to hit the big screen just for people to ask themselves if they got the right movie for the commercial.

Devil – 3/10

I remember wanting to see this movie. It looked scary enough from commercials, but what horror movie doesn’t? Essentially 5 people are trapped in an elevator, and the devil is coming to kill them one by one. A detective is trying to save them.  I think they only reason people would get scared by this movie is if they are scared of elevators. Other than the thought of being trapped on an elevator, nothing was scary about this movie. The deaths are predictable, and the atmosphere isn’t as creepy as a horror movie should be.  The only reason why this movie is getting a 3 is because the acting wasn’t as horrible as some horror films are known to have. If you’re sitting at home on a Friday night trying to find a horror movie to watch, Devil is one to skip.

Dark Skies – 4/10

Strange events happen in every horror movie. Most horror movies try to make these strange events also creepy in order to give it a truly memorable atmosphere. Dark Skies is just strange. A series of strange events keep happening to an unsuspecting family. The child is talking to an “imaginary” friend, birds fly into the house, and the house alarm keeps going off without anyone breaking into the house.  While these events are sometimes typical of horror films, Dark Skies lacks the creepy atmosphere which truly makes a horror movie scary. Dark skies never got my heart racing or had me connect to the characters whatsoever. Another Over hyped horror film that needs to be on the skip shelf when searching for a horror film to watch.

Insidious – 5/10

Some people may be upset with me for this choice. I know friends who were scared out of their minds by this movie. It does have a creepy atmosphere which is why I’ve given it a 5/10. When it comes down to it, Insidious follows a typical horror film. Had it not been so hyped, it wouldn’t have made this list. The fact of the matter is, Insidious, is predictable. If you are a fan of horror movies and watch a lot, you will know exactly when Insidious is trying to scare you.  If you’re used to horror movies, you will be highly disappointed by this movie.

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