Best Superhero Actors – #6-10 – March 28, 2015

In the sky, it’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s Agent Zero coming at you with a top ten list of best superhero actors to date. It is the age of superhero movies. I don’t think there is any arguing that. On a pace now of 4 or 5 superhero movies premiering each year, superhero movies are becoming vastly popular and requiring more and more actors to fill the role of superhero.

I have decided to come out with a top ten list of the best superhero actors.  The actors who portray superhero have to encompass themselves with that superhero.  How does the character act and feel? What are his or her primary motivations? How does the superhero act against adversity?

This list is about the actors who portray the superhero characters and how good they do it. This is not a best superhero movie list nor a best superhero list. Those are lists that will come out at a later date. This is the list of actors who did the best job playing their superhero character.  I wanted to get this list out before other superhero movies and tv shows came out, and it will be updated accordingly.

This first post is the bottom half of the top ten list of superhero actors, numbers 6-10.

#10 – Jennifer Lawrence – Mystique

Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress and shows it in her role as Mystique, a mutant who has the ability to take on the look of other people. In X-Men: First Class, she does a fantastic job of showing the struggle has of excepting who she truly is.

#9 – Chris Hemsworth – Thor

Chris Hemsworth is starting to come into his own as an actor, his career was fueled by his role as Thor, the hammer wielding God of Thunder and Lightning. Chris Hemsworth does a great job first showing the immaturity of a young Thor, and growing into the superhero he is today.

#8 – Famke Janseen – Jean Gray

Famke Janseen is no stranger to the big screen, and she shows her acting ability as Jean Gray, a mutant who has the abilities of telepathy and telekinesis. She does a great job portraying a mutant who sometimes doesn’t even know her own strength.

#7 – Henry Cavil – Superman

I sometimes feel as though Henry Cavil gets less credit than he should deserve for his role as Superman, a superhero with super strength, the ability to fly, laser vision and his only weakness being kryptonite. He did a great job playing the man of steel even though the movie didn’t quite meet expectations.

#6 – Andrew Garfield – Spiderman

He was perfectly cast as the amazing Spiderman, a superhero who is bit by a spider and obtains spider like abilities. Probably one of the best up-and-coming actors, Andrew Garfield does a great job portraying the web slinging superhero who tries to help everyone while hoping to also protect his loved ones from evil.

Check back tomorrow to see the Best Superhero Actors #1-5.

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