Best Superhero Actors #1-5 – March 29, 2015

Everyone wants to believe in a hero. Heroes come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from the flamboyant and charismatic natures to the quiet and humble natures. What’s great about superheroes, is that they all have different abilities in order to save the world. These next five actors are the best at displaying their world saving abilities on the big screen.

#5 – Chris Pratt – Star-Lord (Peter Quill)

A brilliant mind who starts out as a bandit, stealing items for a bounty, Star-Lord is thrust into saving the planet from those who want to destroy it.  Chris Pratt is able to perfectly convey the selfishness of a younger Star-Lord and then the maturing nature he becomes in order to save the planet.

#4 – Chris Evans – Captain America (Steve Rodgers) 

Enhanced by a special serum, Captain America embodies everything a superhero should be: honorable, courageous, sense of duty, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to save the innocent.  Chris Evans displays all of these characteristics acting as Captain America.  We can only be thankful that Marvel begged him to be Captain America after he turned the role down several times before finally saying yes.

#3 – Hugh Jackman – Wolverine (Logan)

With 6 movies and a cameo in a 7th, Hugh Jackman is the Wolverine.  A superhero who has lost his memory and is slowly trying to figure out his past, he has the ability to extend claws out of his knuckles and the ability to heal from wounds at an extraordinary quick rate.  Hugh Jackman is able to show the anger and distress of a superhero who doesn’t quite know who he is and is able to develop the character into the butt kicking superhero he is today.

#2 – Christian Bale – Batman ( Bruce Wayne)

Arguably the greatest superhero trilogy to date, Christian Bale was superb as Batman.  Batman is a crime fighting superhero who not only has a great arsenal of technology on his side, but is also a smart mind, a great detective and  trained in various fighting styles.  Christian Bale is able to show the great struggle of being not just batman, but also a superhero in general. How can a superhero fight against the greatest evils the world sees while also protecting the ones closest to him or her? Bale does a fantastic job of displaying all the emotions of Batman while trying to save Gotham.

#1 – Robert Downey Jr – Iron Man (Tony Stark)

The charismatic Iron man could not have been played any better. Robert Downey Jr creates an Iron Man that is unforgettable.   Tony Stark is an extremely intelligent scientist who uses that knowledge to create Iron Man. Knowing that he is extremely intelligent, he grows arrogant and cocky, a lot of times only thinking about himself. However, creating the Iron Man has brought knew challenges to him. Robert Downey Jr portrays the self absorbed Tony Stark perfectly, showing how he matures from the different Iron Man films into the Avengers Film. There is a reason why he gets paid as much as he does per movie.

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