Silver Linings Playbook Review

Who doesn’t love a Silver Lining? Everything is going wrong, you lost your house, you lost your job, and you lost your significant other. That’s exactly what happened to Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper). He had to be admitted to therapy for his anger issues, and in the process lost everything, but if his therapy taught him one thing, it was to find the Silver Lining.

The movie starts out with Pat being released from the hospital which he had to take therapy at. Since he lost everything, he is forced to live at home with his parents. Although it seems like the world is against him, Pat is determined to get his life back on track.  He works out in order to look better, he starts to read novels, and he tries to get his old job back. Pat tries to accomplish all of this with one goal in mind, getting his wife back.

Along one of his runs, Pat runs into an old friend, Ronnie, who invites him to dinner. At this dinner is Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), who is also going through a bit of a rough patch. Although Ronnie and his wife, Veronica, see this as a potential hookup, Pat is still hooked on his wife.

As the movie progress, the viewers can’t help but root for Pat. A man who is down and can’t get a break. He is focused on his ex, Nikki (Brea Bee), convinced that they are still in love with each other and nothing could change that. There is only one problem, there is a restraining order that forbids Pat from communicating with his wife.

Pat is finally able to find a way to communicate with Nikki. Tiffany says that she will deliver a letter on one condition, Pat dances with her in a dance competition. Desperate to communicate with Nikki, Pat reluctantly agrees, but is eventually torn between helping his father (Robert De Niro), and helping Tiffany. Pat Sr is a huge Eagles fan and believes that when Pat watches the games, it’s good luck.

The movie has great direction and is very well written. The character development engages the audience on both an emotional and physical level. It puts the audience on edge at the exact right moments and this is done not just by the plot, but also by the superb acting of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Both are able to display their characters emotions at just the right times: sadness, happiness, loneliness, and anger.  Not only are they capable of displaying the characters’ feelings perfectly, but they are also able to connect to the audience and convey similar feelings with the viewers. This movie should be appealing to everyone and is a must watch for any movie fan.

Positives: Great acting and character development which connects to viewers on a deeper level and really gets the audience rooting for the characters, great plot and direction makes the story believable and enjoyable to watch multiple times, funny quips are made at just the right time.


Overall: 9.7/10

There isn’t much wrong about this movie. It is a very enjoyable movie with great acting, great direction, and funny quips. Silver Linings Playbook is able to connect to the audience at a deeper level than most movies.  This is a movie that will be enjoyed by all audiences and will be one many viewers will want to watch multiple times.

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