Greatest Villains of the 21st Century (Movies and TV shows) April 7 – 2015

A villain can make or break a movie. How vile, cruel, and sadistic he or she is gets the audience engrossed in the movie or show and makes the viewers root for the hero even more.  There are different types of villains ranging from the torturous and evil to just the downright insane. Here are the top 5 villains of the 21st Century so far – April 7, 2015. (This list is subject to be updated as more movies and tv shows come out)

#5 – Silva – Javier Bardem (Skyfall)

Javier Bardem makes Skyfall into an absolutely fantastic movie. Playing as a former double 0 agent out for revenge, he is able to encompass a smart, skilled villain who feels like he was used. Silva was one of the best secret agents, and surviving an event that should have killed him, change his perspective on being an agent. He is probably one of the more overlooked villains of this generation because of all the superhero movies that have come out recently, but he makes Skyfall into the great movie it is, and deserves the #5 slot in this countdown.

#4 – The Governor – David Morrissey (The Walking Dead)

When zombies walk the Earth, survivors will not only have to dead with the walking dead, but they will also have to deal with manipulative, conniving villains who are only out for their own gain and don’t care who they hurt in order to get it.  That is exactly what the Governor brought to The Walking Dead.  Because of how manipulative the Governor was, there were even moments were audience members were found rooting for him, but then he’d do something to remind the viewers why he was a villain in the first place. Without spoiling anything, the Governor was willing to sacrifice everything and anybody out of spite and jealousy.

#3 – Voldemort – Ralph Fiennes ( Harry Potter )

In a lot of movies, a villain is created because they want the power that the superhero has. A few that come to mind are Obadiah Stane from Iron Man, Emil Blonsky from the Incredible Hulk, and Loki from Thor. However in Harry Potter, the opposite was true; the villain created the hero.  Voldemort is a wizard who craves power and immortality. He is a “you’re either with me or against me” villain. A wizard of Slytherin house and a descendant of the great Salazar Slytherin himself, Voldemort has a fascination for the dark arts even at a young age.  He becomes obsessed with becoming immortal and becoming a great wizard. The Harry Potter books and movies would not have been as acclaimed as they are today if Voldemort was not the power hungry warlock the audience knows him to be which is why he claims number three in the greatest villains countdown.

#2 – Joffrey Baratheon – Jack Gleeson ( The Game of Thrones )

The most sadistic villain on this list, Joffrey Baratheon was a perfect villain in the Game of Thrones. He was a villain the audience loved to hate and root against. Spoiler Alert After this statement. He inherited the throne after his father was killed by a boar, he immediately gives viewers a reason to hate him. No Spoilers after this point. He tortures innocent women, he hits the woman he “loves”, and he has people killed just for no reason. Joffrey Baratheon shows the cowardice of a child but is willing to send his men to do his dirty work. An absolutely great villain you will love to hate helps Joffrey Baratheon claim the number two spot on the greatest villains list.

#1 – The Joker – Heath Ledger ( The Dark Knight )

One of the best acting jobs of all time, Heath Ledger creates a joker that will be remembered for ages. The joker is a villain who “just wants to watch the world burn”. He is insane, doesn’t care about money or power, and just seems to create chaos for the entertainment value in watching people scurry like mice. The Joker does not fear death, he will hurt anyone just for the fun of it, and will manipulate anyone in order to create ultimate chaos. This joker made The Dark Knight one of the greatest movies of all time which is why he lands at number one on the greatest villains of the 21st century.

Mad at my rankings? “Why so serious?”

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