Arrow Season One Review – April 11, 2015

Perhaps one of the greatest forgotten superheroes, the Green Arrow is brought back by the TV series Arrow.  Following the life of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), the Green Arrow tries to bring justice to Starling City. Oliver Queen wasn’t always a superhero. He started off as a billionaire playboy who would use his money for partying and having a good time.

After being marooned on an Island for 5 years, Oliver Queen returns to Starling City with a vendetta to right the wrongs of his father.  The time on the island changed Queen; he is no longer the self absorbed playboy who left the city, but a man who knows the difference between right and wrong.

Arrow season one does a great job of incorporating a lot of action into each forty-five minute (without commercials)  episode.  Throughout the first season, the viewer goes through the events of Oliver in the present day as well as flashbacks to his time on the island. The flashbacks make the first season of Arrow great.  It’s fun to watch the progression of the Green Arrow as a scared and lost “boy” on the island evolving into a man.

Although the show has many peaks, it also has several valleys.  There are moments throughout the first season that make the show feel like more of a soap opera rather than a superhero show.  There is always a need for dramatic moments, especially in superhero films and shows, but Arrow takes it over the top and goes a little too far at times.

Positives: A lot of action packed into a forty five minute tv show, Great development of Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow, Stephen Amell shows why he was perfect for the role of the Green Arrow, Flashbacks are incorporated well.

Negatives: Times where the show feels like a soap opera really can take away from the superhero feel.

Overall: 8.2/10

Arrow has stiff competition when it comes to what tv show to watch on Netflix. It has to compete with American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad just to name a few.  However, Arrow is able to find a niche and is a perfect watch for superhero fans. Along with a lot of action packed into a forty five minute time frame, Stephen Amell does a very good job as the Green Arrow.

Bonus: Best Episode of Arrow season one: Betrayal (Episode 13)

This episode really encompasses what Arrow is about and has a great feel to it. The flashbacks and present day both have a lot of action in them and there is no soap opera feel in this episode.

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