National Siblings Day – Step Brothers Review – April 10, 2015

There are massive amounts of movies about siblings, and it was hard choosing just one. Going through the movies, I was trying to think not only which movie was the most memorable, but which one focused on that sibling rivalry/friendship.  It hit me, Step Brothers was the perfect movie to review on this National Sibling Day April 10, 2015.

Step Brothers is about two men in their late thirties/early forties who still live with their parents. Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) is an unemployed forty year old man who has no ambition and is content living with his mother, Nancy Huff (Mary Steenburgen), for the rest of his life. Likewise, Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) is a thirty-nine year old deadbeat who is perfectly happy living with his father, Robert Doback (Richard Jenkins), until the end of his days.

However, something changes with Brennan and Dale’s plans of living at home for the rest of their lives.  Brennan’s mother and Dale’s father fall in love and get married.  Brennan and Dale are now forced to live with each other as step brothers.  Neither of Brennan nor Dale are used to having a sibling, and it bothers both of them.  Each son used to be spoiled by his respective parent but now has to share the love.  Not being the center of attention upsets both Brennan and Dale which forms their sibling rivalry.

As the story progresses, Nancy and Robert force Brennan and Dale to search for jobs. Deciding that Nancy and Robert will sell the house everyone is residing in, forces Brennan and Dale to team up in order to stop the home they love from being sold.

Step Brothers is a wild ride that has the audience laughing at every turn. Will Farrell and John Reilly make for a great comedic duo as they take the viewers through the story of two very old step brothers. Farrell makes jokes like he normally does, and Reilly adds a nice change of pace for the comedy to maintain a smooth pace throughout the entire film.

Positives: Will Farrell and John Reilly make for a great duo, Comedy was consistent throughout the entire film, Will Farrell does what he does best.

Negatives: Moments of the movie were predictable, some transitions leave more to be desired.

Overall: 8.8/10

The comedic duo of Will Farrell and John Reilly keeps the audience entertained throughout the entire movie. Will Farrell takes the script and does what he does best. Some of the moments were predictable, but that shouldn’t keep the viewer from enjoying the movie in the slightest. This is definitely a great comedy movie that fans of comedy movies and fans of Will Farrell should check out.

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