Netflix: Arrow Season 2 Review

Arrow is back and ready to help save Starling City. This new season builds off of the old season with Oliver Queen not only maturing as the Arrow, but also maturing as a person. That growth of Oliver Queen translates to the big screen and gets the viewer more involved in the show.

The second season of the Arrow improves in some areas while also lacking in others.  Let’s start with the improvements.  This season improves on the involvement of supervillains.  It is much more involved when including villains that have an evil sense to them.  The inclusion of Deathstroke, the League of Assassins, and the Suicide Squad made the second season of Arrow much more exciting.

The addition of extra superheros was also a nice change of pace.  The Black Canary and Red Arrow give new views and tactics on how to save Starling City.  They also help add a new dimension to Oliver Queen.  He starts to show his compassionate side more often which can either be a good or bad thing depending upon the situation.

Arrow Season 2 doesn’t lack for action.  With the addition of the greater supervillains and a couple of more superheroes keeps the audience entertained with intense combat.

Now where Arrow Season 2 lacks. Like season one, Arrow still has a soap opera feel at times.  The audience that Arrow attracts is a superhero audience, and it takes it a little too far when it comes to dramatic scenes. There are different ways to draw intense emotions from the audience without having to throw soap opera moments into the show, and Arrow has yet to capture that.

The final episode of season 2 was great. However, it lacked the final moment viewers are looking for to get one ready for the next season.  Typically, the ending of a season has an intense cliff hanger where the audience should be thinking, “No way! I need to watch the next season to find out what happens!” Arrow Season 2 doesn’t have this moment.  While the ending left a cliff hanger, there was still something more to be desired.

Positives: Inclusion of well known supervillains makes the episodes more enjoyable and gives the Arrow a greater challenge, Inclusion of new superheroes keeps a fresh new feel to Arrow, Intense action scenes really keep the audience well involved

Negatives: Still has a soap opera feel at times, Lack of a cliff hanger doesn’t get the audience ready for Season 3

Overall: 8.5/10

Arrow sticks to what it did best in Season 1 which isn’t a bad thing. It has a lot of action packed moments and goes deeper into the secrets of Starling City.  If you were a fan of season one, you will definitely be a fan of season 2!

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