To Run or Not to Run. That is the question

I recently just posted a review of p90x3 and highly recommend it, but what if you don’t have the money to spend on one of the workouts in the p90x series?  Is there anything you can do that can hinder your weight gain or help you lose weight in a fairly quick amount of time?

The great part about running is that it can really be accomplished anywhere, and it’s free! One can run around his or her neighborhood, on a trail, or even along a roadside, but is running really all that it’s cracked up to me.  Let me dive deeper into running to give those who are thinking about running an idea into what to expect.

Before I started p90x3, all I did was run. I ran 4 miles every other day for 6 months on a trail about 15 minutes from my house. Running 4 miles for me took about 30 minutes a day which makes it on par with the time of p90x3.  Within the first month of running, I was able to lose 30 pounds. After that, my body started to stabilize, and I didn’t lose much after that.


Why run?

Running is a very easy way to stay in shape. There’s nothing to it but to do it.  Put on a decent pair of running shoes, pop in your ipod, and just start running.

You can run pretty much anywhere.  There are many places a person can run without spending a dime as mentioned prior.

Running can also help release tension and steam. While a person is running, he or she has a lot of time to think or just get out of the real world which makes it perfect to get rid of stress.

Why to find an alternative to running?

It takes a long time to build up to running 4 miles at one time.  I’ve benefited from playing college and semi pro soccer to where I was in running shape.

It takes a lot of dedication.  I was running in extreme heat, extreme cold, when it was raining and when it was snowing. Using the gym or a workout routine such as the p90x series avoids weather conditions.

Running doesn’t work every muscle group.  If you’re a person looking for a 6 pack, running definitely shouldn’t be your only option.


It’s really up to you and what you’re looking for.  If you’re looking to just lose weight, running is a cheap and simple solution in helping you achieve that goal.  If you’re looking for a more toned body, I’d recommend throwing other workouts into your routine as well. Maybe run once or twice a week, and work other muscle groups the other days of the week.

There are a lot of muscle groups that people completely forget to work.  Back, triceps, quads, and calves need work just as much as abs, chest and biceps do.

Good luck in your journey to become healthier and more fit! Just remember, it takes dedication, but if you believe you will succeed!

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