What to Watch on Netflix this Weekend – May 29, 2015

There are thousands of movies on Netflix. Just trying to search for the right movie to watch can take more time than the actual movie itself!  Not only do you have to decide the genre of the film you want to watch but then you have to go through movies in that category that Neflix “recommends” for you.  Did you know that those movies are only a small sample size of what Netflix actually has to offer?

I try to watch as many movies as possible in every genre possible. I love watching movies, even the bad ones.  Sometimes I like to watch the low budget horror films just to laugh at them or maybe even find a diamond in the rough. It’s all good to me.  Although I find joy in almost every movie, I’m still a tough critic when it comes to rating them.

Every Friday (when possible), I’m going to come out with a “What to Watch on Netflix this Weekend” blog post.  This is so my readers don’t have to spend hours upon hours searching for that “right” movie, and I hope to potentially help my readers find that “diamond” or at least find something they’ll enjoy or didn’t even know was on Netflix.

For the Action movie lover:

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – 7/10

Jack Ryan, for those readers who don’t know, is based on a novel series by Tom Clancy.  Jack Ryan is a James Bond type of character.  I’m not going to give a huge overview or a detailed novel about the story, but essentially Jack Ryan is an uncover CIA agent who has potentially uncovered a plot by Russia to destroy the economy of the United States.  I saw this movie when it first came out, and it is definitely an action movie to check out.

For the Horror movie lover (actual horror movie not low budget that’s more comical):

The Babadook: 8/10

Originally when I first started watching this movie, I thought it was going to be a joke. As the movie continued, I found myself more and more intrigued.  The acting was sensational, the horror moments are real, and the story is original. The Babadook is a movie about a mother and son haunted by the Babadook.  Amelia (Essie Davis) plays a mother who lost her husband many years ago. She hasn’t been able to cope with it and her son, Samuel (Noah Wiseman), is out of control.  He starts saying that they are haunted by The Babadook, but she doesn’t believe him. The more you deny the Babadook, the stronger he gets, but is the Babadook real or is it just a distraught mother and her son going crazy? Are Amelia and Samuel going to be able to survive? Check out the Babadook to get your horror movie on and find out!

For the whole family:

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers – 9.2/10

I’m not sure you could ever go wrong with a Mickey Mouse movie. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy get together to bring an excellent movie full of action, laughs, and drama.  All three, since they were kids, have dreamed of being Musketeers.  They try to become Musketeers, but they fail.  However, Captain Pete has a plan to get rid of Princess Mickie Mouse so he appoints Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as her personal guard. These three Musketeers are going to do whatever they can to save the Princess. It is definitely a movie to check out for anyone!

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