Would You Rather Movie Review (Netflix) – June 1, 2015

Leave it to me to find the most sadistic movies on Netflix.  Would you rather, a classic game I used to play as a child has been turned into a movie, but this time, the stakes are higher.  There is always a question of how far would you go, would you even tell the truth playing would you rather? What if you had no choice but to pick one or the other?

Iris (Brittany Snow) is struggling to make a living.  She is not only unemployed, but can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to finding a job.  She lives with her brother Raleigh (Logan Miller) who requires a bone marrow transplant.  Iris and Raleigh’s parents have passed and left them absolutely nothing, and Iris is desperate to save her brother.

One day Iris decides to take a trip to the doctor to discuss options. While there, Shepard Lambrick (Jeffery Combs) presents Iris with a choice, come to his house tonight to compete for a chance to never have to worry about money again or walk away and find another way to save her brother.

Positives: Typically you don’t find good acting in a back door “horror” film, but this movie has a lot of below the radar good actors. (I consider this movie back door considering it was never in theatres or hyped like some movies are nowadays)

I’m putting this in the positives, although it depends on what types of movies you’re into.  It’s sadistic. It reminds me of a combination of Saw and a House on Haunted Hill

Would You Rather takes a childhood game and turns it into an interesting concept.

Has several comical moments that give the viewer a nice little chuckle.

Negatives: As with a lot of movies in the horror genre, it’s predictable. One can easily see the ending as soon as the story begins which can bring the rest of the movie down when you finally complete it.

I put this in the positives, I’m also putting it here; It’s sadistic. While I was watching the movie, I kept thinking to myself, “Wow, this movie is messed (I was using a curse word, but I like to keep my blog PG) up”.

Overall: 7/10

This movie was enjoyable enough to give it a look, but only if you’re a fan of sadistic movies. If you enjoyed Saw and/or a House on Haunted Hill, you will enjoy this movie.  At the very least, you’ll get a nice little chuckle during several parts of the film.  Although this movie is in the “Horror” genre, it’s not scary, just sadistic.

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