Ant-Man Review – July 26, 2015

The best things in life come in small packages (well, maybe not in the bedroom, but get your mind out of the gutter!). Ant-Man, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a superhero.  The superhero itself was created by Hank Pym, a brilliant scientist who was able to find a way to shrink atoms to create the Ant-Man suit.  Dr. Pym realized the dangers of the technology and kept the “Pym Atom” formula a secret so that no one could create an army of tiny soldiers.  However his protege, Darren Cross, has found a way to replicate Pym’s secret.  Pym, now at an older age, can no longer dawn the Ant-Man suit.  He turns to Scott Lang, a master of electronics and also a burglar, to wear the Ant-Man suit, and destroy all of Darren Cross’ work.

Most people weren’t too sure about the casting of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, and the skepticism was warranted.  Paul Rudd is a comedian and doesn’t quite strike one as a superhero type actor. However, these doubts of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man are almost immediately put to rest as Paul Rudd shows that he can balance comedy well with action.

The story worked very well, using the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang, coupled with the first, Hank Pym.  Even though I would have liked to seen an origin story with Hank Pym, Scott Lang is a very interesting character with a heart warming back story.  Scott Lang is a guy who is down on his luck who gets one last chance to prove, not only to his family, but to himself, that he can change.

Positives: Story line is a driving factor, it keeps the audience engrossed.  It doesn’t try to do too much and sticks to the basics.  Casting and acting was outstanding.  Combination of comedy, action, and heart felt moments make the movie great.

Negatives: More back story on Hank Pym and the “Pym Atom” could have gone a long way. Darren Cross turning evil could have had stronger motives and better explanation.

Overall:  9.1/10

Ultimately this is another great superhero movie Marvel has added to it’s list.  It’s funny, has a lot of action, and great heart warming moments that will capture anyone’s heart. A movie which is a must see for any superhero fan and one that many people will enjoy even if you aren’t too into superhero movies.  Check this movie out!

Side note: There are TWO end credits.  Fans who are familiar with Marvel movies know that Marvel is notorious for giving addition scenes at the end of films. Ant-Man has TWO scenes at the end, so don’t leave after the first one.

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