Destiny Warlock Stormcaller PVP Build – September 27, 2015

One of the three new subclasses in Destiny for the Taken King, the Stormcaller is the new subclass of the Warlock and focuses on electricity.  The new arc based class for the Warlocks has plenty of cool abilities to play with and when put together correctly, can completely decimate another team in the crucible. While this class is geared towards PvP, it can also be used as a PvE setup. There are some subclasses where this is not the case, but the abilities of the Stormcaller are set up nicely where the same abilities work just as well in PvP as PvE.

I’ve created this class based off of experience. This has what has been working best for me. The stormcaller class is best when focused on melee. It is recommended to to try to get your strength attribute as high as possible so it is available as often as possible.


Grenade – Arcbolt Grenade

I’ve found the most success with the Arcbolt Grenade. It’s a grenade that explodes and chains to players on the opposing team.

This seems to have more range and is better at damaging enemies than the other two grenades. The grenade isn’t a huge part of this build, but the arcbolt can get you a kill when you need it to.

Glide – Focused Burst

This glide provides an initial burst of speed.

This slot is your call. I have just found better use from the initial burst of speed. This doesn’t have a huge effect on the rest of this build.

Stormtrance – Superconductor

This is a huge reason why this class can destroy another team. Stormtrance is all about chaining lightning to the opposing enemies. Superconductor doubles the lightning’s chaining meaning one can hit even more enemies.  There are many times where I have been able to take out 3, 4 or even 5 enemies because of the added chaining affect. If multiple enemies spot you, you’re going to want to take them out quick before they all take you out. Superconductor makes this possible, chaining your lightning to more enemies, killing them quicker.

Thunderstrike – Amplitude

Amplitude doubles your Thunderstrike range making this the third longest melee in the game (behind the Hunter gunslinger’s throwing knife and Hunter nightstalker’s smoke). This is the best melee in the game and easily saves my life at least once a game in the Crucible. Close range is vital in the Crucible, that’s why almost everyone runs with a shotgun.  Having one of the longest melees, and the easiest to use, is crucial when it comes to defeating the opponent.

With the right upgrades to Thunderstrike, you’ll be using it more often than not. I’ll talk about the added bonuses later in this build. One of the other abilities, chain lightning chains your melee lightning to a second enemy. If both are shooting at you, and you try to melee one and don’t have the added range of amplitude you may not kill either. With the added range of feedback, you will come out of the 2 on 1 battle with at least taking one with you. Rising storm could be tempting; it charges your super and melee when you get a hit with thunderstrike, however with feedback equipped (discussed in first ability modifier), the extra charge is not needed.

First Upgrade – Arcane Spirit

Since this class isn’t completely focused on running and does well by chaining lightning from enemy to enemy, armor and recovery is better here.

First Ability Modifier – Feedback

When hit by another’s melee attack, feedback fully recharges and strengthens Thundercharge.  This is just a slap in the face to an enemy. They hit you, you laugh and smack back with an even more powerful attack. The great part is, coupled with amplitude, there is no where for the enemy to run!

This class is focused on making your melee as strong as possible and Feedback compliments that perfectly making Feedback a no brainer. Transcendence can be enticing, but having to keep your grenade and melee full just to extend your super isn’t worth it especially since this build revolves around Thunderstrike.

Second Upgrade – Divine Order

Having extra armor is greater than having extra speed when rolling with the stormcaller especially with feedback as the ability modifier. Keep yourself alive longer and absorb those hits instead of trying to dance around them.

Second Ability Modifier – Perpetual Charge

Melee kills recharge your grenade and grenade kills recharge your melee. Anything for that melee, right? Jokes aside, Arc web is nice, but is more useful in PvE where enemies damaged by your grenades chain lightning to other enemies. This stacks on top of the the grenade already chaining lightning to enemies which works very well when facing hordes. However, in PvP, you’re only facing at most 6 enemies. It isn’t very often all 6 are close to each other except in the beginning of the match. It’s more useful to get the quicker melee and grenade.

This class relies on two major areas, chaining lightning from enemy to enemy, and the melee. When equipping armor, focus on strength for the quicker melee.

Now for weapons remembering this is a PvP build.

Primary Weapon – User’s choice

The primary weapon slot doesn’t matter a whole bunch as long as you are paying attention to when the special weapon ammo is available. Personally, I run with a Handcannon, but there are games where I don’t even use it.

Special Weapon – Shotgun

Whether you use it to finish off an enemy after thunderstrike or whether you use it first and then finish off an enemy with thunderstrike (preferred way), the shotgun compliments this class perfectly. Just make sure you pay attention to the special ammo, and you’ll never have to pull your primary out. Just make sure you stick to close quarters and don’t get caught out in the open.

Heavy Weapon – User’s Choice

I’ve found a lot better success using a machine gun. However, one has to be very careful when using a machine gun. People are always running around with a Rocket Launcher just looking to get a kill, even if it means taking themselves out in the process. The machine gun can get you more kills than the Rocket Launcher can, but the Rocket Launcher is easier to get a kill with.


The Stormcaller subclass is one of the best in the game thanks to its melee. Shotgun and then melee or melee and the shotgun and you’ll be dominating the crucible in no time. When used right, a Stormcaller can easily rack up the kills and lead your team to victory in the crucible.

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