Destiny Warlock Sunsinger PvP Build – September 28, 2015

Yesterday I talked about the Warlock Stormcaller build, the arc subclass of the warlock in Destiny.  Today, I’m going to talk about the Warlock Sunsinger, the fire bringer. This can easily be the deadliest class in PvP when used correctly or the worst when used incorrectly. The old saying goes, don’t play with fire or you’ll get burned. Well the person who came up with that saying failed to mention that if you know how to use fire properly, you can easily use it to your advantage.

The Warlock Sunsinger PvP build is one I created based off of experience. I’ve grown to love this class because it is the main class I run, and I’ve done extremely well with it. Yesterday, I said the Stormercaller focused on melee. If you are a person who loves to use the Warlock and it’s different subclasses, you’re going to need multiple sets of armor. That’s because the Sunsinger class is going to revolve around discipline and intellect.


Grenade – Firebolt Grenade

Originally, before the Taken King, I would have recommended going with the Fusion Grenade. It used to track it’s targets, so getting a stick and kill with it was almost a guarantee.  However, since the Taken King has come out, it seems that the tracking has been nerfed. This is why I recommend the firebolt grenade. No accuracy needed for this grenade, just throw it close to your target, and it unleases firebolts toward each enemy near.  If you’re accurate and like sticking people, go for the Fusion. With the nerf though, I say stick to firebolt especially with being able to spam grenades once you activate Radiance.

Glide – Focused Burst

Focused burst provides an initial boost of speed when jumping. However, it’s user’s preference and doesn’t have a huge affect on the rest of the build.

Radiance – Radiant Skin

Radiant skin allows the player to take more damage. All incoming damage is reduced. This helps get those extra grenades and bullets off to kill enemies who would otherwise kill you.  This is a huge part to this build. Radiant skin is going to give the user added protection to complete objectives and get kills.

Other people would argue to use Fireborn. Fireborn revives the player from the grave. Now this ability is huge when playing PvE, and it’s when I use when doing so. However, I’m talking PvP. Why do I run two different sets you may ask? In PvP, the user is going to want to use his or her super ability as often as possible. You’re only going to get two to four (If you’re lucky) super abilities per game. Four is on the high end if your teammates are creating a lot of orbs for you.  If you’re using fireborn, you have to wait until you die to call your super. This may limit your opportunity to only one in a match or even zero if you’re good at staying alive. Plus, if you’re reviving yourself in PvP, you’re most likely reviving yourself into a lot of gunfire anyway. Just giving yourself another quick death, but you may be able to take one player with you.

I’ll do a PvE build where I will discuss the importance of Fireborn in greater detail.

Scorch – Flame Shield

Flame Shield gives the user a shield after hitting the enemy with his or her melee. This can be very important when getting into a “melee battle”. For those of you who don’t know what a melee battle is: You come across an opponent in close quarters, neither of you decide to use your weapon, and you keep clicking the melee button hoping you come out victorious.  I’ve gotten into a fair few of these and having flame shield has saved me on countless occasions.

First Upgrade – Arcane Spirit

Armor and recovery is more important than quickness when it comes to this class.

First Ability Modifier – Viking Funeral

If nothing else, the name sounds bad ass! In all honesty, this class relies on lighting enemies on fire. That’s how this class can get kills even from beyond the grave. Viking Funeral makes the enemies you burn take more damage and burn for longer. This always comes in handy when spamming your grenades or just throwing them in general.

Second Upgrade – Divine Order

If you haven’t caught on to what I’ve built this class for, maybe this second upgrade will help make the picture clearer.  Divine Order increases toughness. Being built to last is key for this class. The Sunsinger doesn’t need to outrun enemies; it only needs to out muscle them (and watch them burn!).

Second Ability Modifier – Touch of Flame

Every grenade ignites enemies, causing damage over time.  This coupled with Viking Funeral is a great combination to reap havoc on enemies. I really hope you’re not afraid to use fire if you’re running this class or maybe I’m just a bit of a pyromaniac?

Let’s hit up the weapons.

Primary Weapon – User’s Choice

Typically, I’ll leave this one up to the user. Use the gun that feels right. I usually run a handcannon, but I’ve been known to use the other primaries as well depending on how I feel or if the gunsmith presented me with a weapon I have to use in the crucible.

Special Weapon – Shotgun

I’m probably always going to suggest using a shotgun.  Most games are fast paced and close quarters. I like having the quickness of shot over the fusion rifle. If you can time the fusion rifles correctly, it’s more powerful. However, it’s sometimes hard to predict and be accurate at the same time. Snipers feel like you almost have to camp to do well with, unless you get extremely good or are in a situational game where only kills are required.  I’m going for more general though and including the game modes where constant movement is critical such as rift and control.

Heavy Weapon – User’s Choice

This is really a matter of preference. Just get good at what you use. I like to use a machine gun because I feel as I can get the most kills with it. Rocket launchers are very useful for quick kills although you wouldn’t be able to get as many kills using that over a machine gun. Swords are just plain old fashion fun. Who doesn’t like chopping other people up?


Burn baby burn! This class is fun to play as and can light the world (or your enemies) on fire when used correctly. I’ve amassed tons of great games running this class setup, and with a little bit of practice and time, I’m sure you will too!

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