Destiny Warlock Voidwalker PvP Build – September 29, 2015

It’s time to embrace the void! The Voidwalker, like the name suggests, is the void subclass of the Warlock class. This can be one of the most frustrating, but one of the most rewarding subclasses in Destiny. The Voidwalker requires a lot of mastery and the right combination of abilities to become extremely lethal.

This class has been created off of experience. This is what works best for me while running the Voidwalker subclass in the crucible. It is different from the other two subclasses of the Warlock. While the Stormcaller focuses on strength and the Sunsinger focuses on intellect and dicipline, the Voidwalker is going to focus on both intellect and strength. Most of those who have played as the Voidwalker will tell you, it has some of the weakest grenades (especially for PvP) in the game. Hence why discipline is being ignored.


Grenade – Vortex Grenade

I mentioned earlier that the Warlock probably has the weakest grenades in game.  Many people may argue against using the vortex grenade, but this is the best choice here. Because the grenades aren’t going to get you a ton of damage on your enemy, the next best thing is to control them.  The vortex grenade is great for crowd control especially in objective based games in the crucible.  Want to stop enemies from capturing zone b in control? Throw your vortex grenade and one of two things will happen, either they will run away from capturing b (possibly even providing you with an opportunity to kill them as they are fleeing) or they will be so confused by what’s going on stay and b and die to your vortex grenade (you think that’s not possible, but trust me, there are a lot of players this happens to).

Axion bolt is another option considering it seeks out targets. However, the longer the flight path the less damage it does. The bolt seeks out opponents extremely slow making it easy for enemies to flee and take a minimal amount of damage.

Glide – Blink

On the majority of my other builds, I’ll tell you to go with what works best for you in the Glide category.  For the Voidwalker, you need to learn to master Blink! It is by far the best jump in the game. Blink teleports the player a short distance instead of gliding.

Blink keeps your enemies off balance and keep easily win you many gunfights or at least save your life from the losing end of one.  There are many times where I’ve been on the brink of defeat, used blink, and landed in the perfect position to shotgun or melee and enemy before he or she had the chance to finish me off.

Nova Bomb – Shatter

Your nova bomb will split into three different projectiles. This is definitely the way to go here. It covers a wider area making it harder for enemies to escape the explosion. It’s also a great way to pick off multiple enemies at once.

The nova bomb in general can either be deadly or get you killed if not used properly. You hang in the air for a short while before releasing the bomb.  You can be picked off fairly easily if not used right. Nova bomb needs to be used more predictive than other supers. You need to use Nova Bomb knowing someone is around the corner and coming for you. If you wait until your health is down, you’ll get picked off. Granted, one can say that about almost every super. However, hanging in the air for a brief moment before releasing your super makes this subclass the most vulnerable.

Energy Drain – Soul Rip

Because why not? Ripping people’s souls sounds like so much fun! Let’s be honest though. Soul Rip reduces the cool down of Nova Bomb. Having your superability more often is always useful. A case can be made for life steal which restores a significant portion of your health, however, I’ll get to the reason why I run with Soul Rip in the second ability modifier.

First Upgrade – Arcane Spirit

If you’re read my other Warlock builds, you’ll know that I recommend using armor and recovery over agility for all of them.  Same principles here.

First Ability Modifier – Annihilate

Annihilate increases the size of explosions of nova bomb and every grenade. If you’re going to use them, might as well create some havoc when doing so!  This is better for covering a wider area and taking out more enemies. If you’ve read descriptions of Angry Magic, you may think this sounds useful. Trust me, it doesn’t do as it seems. For those of you who don’t know what Angry Magic is, it’s supposed to “track” enemies.  Angry magic Doesn’t really “track” opponents, at least, it doesn’t seem that way. Your bomb, or shatter, may move a little closer to the target, but not significant enough to warrant using it here.

Second Upgrade – Divine Order

Of course it’s all about the armor especially when you are jumping in the air trying to get off your Nova Bomb. Stay alive long enough to watch your Nova Bomb destroy some enemies!

Second Ability Modifier – Embrace the Void

As I mentioned earlier, it’s time to embrace the void! Apart from being my friend and I’s motto, every time you damage an opponent with Nova bomb or a grenade it triggers the energy drain effect. I mentioned earlier about using Soul Rip over Life steal and this is why. It will help you generate your Nova Bomb more often. Just make sure when you use your grenade and Nova bomb, you are hitting your target.  Life steal can help out a great deal. However, if you’re at full health when you hit, it’s useless. Embrace the Void here!

Primary Weapon – User’s Choice

Every weapon has it’s positive and drawbacks. Pick the one you feel most comfortable running with. Some have great perks which combine to your specific play style better than others. Personally, I usually roll with a handcannon.

Secondary Weapon – Shotgun

I love running around with a shotgun because it’s a quick kill. Having any subclass of the warlock makes it even better because of the ranged melee. Don’t kill with the shotty? Hit them with the melee. Don’t kill with the melee? Hit them with the shotty. The shotgun complements every subclass of the Warlock very well.

Heavy Weapon – User’s choice

Use whichever you like best. All are fun to run when you’re getting kills. Personally, I use a machine gun because it can get you a ton of kills when used correctly. The same could be said for a sword, but it’s very tedious to use efficiently, especially when people are running around with shotguns.


This can sometimes be a tough class to run, and I’ve had my fair share of frustrations with it. With that being said, it’s also a very fun class to run, and I couldn’t imagine living without blink. That’s one of the main reasons I run this class a lot is blink. It’s the best way to get out of a pinch.  Use this class properly and you’ll completely embrace the void to victory!

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