Destiny Hunter Bladedancer PvP – Build October 2, 2015

The Hunter Bladedancer was the original class to be running around with a blade before the Taken King came out. Playing as the bladedancer makes one feel like he or she can fly. Mashing the slash button, jumping from enemy to enemy cutting them down. With the right build, the Bladedancer can quickly cut through the opposing team. With the wrong build, the class can be shot down just as soon as it’s called upon.

This class setup has been created off of experience.  I have learned the ins and outs of this class by using it in the Crucible. With the Hunter Bladedancer, the player wants to be guarded as well as being able to fly. Not literally, but quickness is key for this subclass. Intellect is the main focus of this build because calling upon it at the correct time, can easily get you four to five kills.

Grenade – Flux Grenade

The Flux Grenade is a sticky grenade that deals extra damage when attached to an enemy. It used to follow targets until year two nerfing came out. However, even with the nerf, if you can be accurate enough to stick your opponent, it is going to work out very well. There are many times where I’ve gotten a kill after death because I’ve been able to stick someone. The other two grenades are okay here, but the Flux is easily the best choice.

Double Jump – Blink

I mentioned this before on my Warlock Voidwalker PvP build. Blink is the best jump in the game and if you are using a class that has access to it, you need to use it.  Blink teleports the player a short distance. This helps keep your opponent of balance. It’s very hard to keep shooting at someone who uses blink and can easily get the player out of a tough bind. It can also help get you behind your enemy and get an easy melee or shotgun kill.

Arc Blade – Razor’s Edge

Razor’s Edge unleashes a wave forward from the character across the ground.  This is great to knock out enemies who are trying to flee from your Arc Blade.  You probably won’t be using this a ton considering most of the time you can knock out enemies with R1 (your regular strike for PS4) over R2 (your razor’s edge), but it can come in handy in a pinch. No need for disappearing abilities in the crucible. Enemies are regular people and can still see you even when you “vanish”. Showstopper is okay, it unleashes a wave in a circle around the player. However it won’t go as far as Razor’s Edge and if you are surrounded by enemies, it’s better to jump from enemy to enemy with your regular strike.

Blink Strike – Fast Twitch

Fast twitch reduces the cooldown of your next fast twitch. I like having the ability to get fast twitch more often per game, and it can come in handy when getting into a “melee battle”. For those of you who don’t know, a melee battle is when two players come across each other and mash their melee buttons hoping they get the final strike off instead of using their weapon.  Backstab can also be useful here, however, it’s very rare that you are able to sneak up behind on an enemy with enemies being able to see you on their map. Also, being able to turn invisible is worthless in the crucible.

First Upgrade – Path Forgotten

Path Forgotten increases toughness and speed. Being able to take some damage and quickly attack opponents, especially when using Arc Blade, is critical for getting multiple kills.

First Ability Modifier – Fleet Footed

Fleet footed increases maximum sprint speed and extends slide distance. Being able to sprint speed always helps. When you’re running around trying to find more people to kill with your arc blade, this will come in handy.  Quickdraw can be of some use (readying your weapon immediately), but the extra speed helps a lot more.

Second Upgrade – Way of the Fearless

This upgrades toughness. Extra toughness is always preferred here to be able to take a little bit more damage.

Second Ability Modifier – Hungering Blade

Hungering Blade grants immediate health generation after kills with arc blade and blink strike. There are two really good abilities in this section and one useless one. I’m sure you could guess as to the other great one and useless one, but if you can’t: Encore is great and Stalker is useless.  Want to know how to camp? Crouch in a corner and have stalker equipped. Stalker grants invisibility after crouching for a short period. With Encore equipped, arc blade’s duration gets extended after each kill. I’ve run both Hungering Blade and Encore. Both have huge benefits.

Let’s say you use your ability and come across one enemy. You can easily take him out with arc blade. Want more kills? Encore will do the trick. I’ve been able to find extra enemies to kill thanks to the extended duration. Remember, that second kill will give you even more extended duration.

Hungering blade will save your life more often then not which is why it’s preferred. Playing in most game modes, you are going to come across multiple enemies in a pack. If all of them are shooting at you at once, you probably will only be able to take out one or two of them.  With hungering blade, every kill you immediately regenerate your health. I was able to run through 5 enemy players on the other team using hungering blade. I’ve also been able to run through enemies using their abilities such as Hunter Gunslinger, Warlock Stormcaller, and Titan Defender.

Primary Weapon – User’s Choice

Use what you feel most comfortable with here. Typically I run with a handcannon. However, I’ve been more inclined to use an auto rifle lately since I have one that does not have much recoil.

Secondary Weapon – Shotgun

With Arc blade, you’re going to be getting up close and personal. Once you come out of your arc blade, you’re going to want to have a close range weapon to take the enemy out just in case. Plus, it complements blink strike nicely.

Heavy Weapon – User’s Choice

This is really up to preference again. Swords can be pretty tough to use online at times, but can also work wonders when used correctly. I prefer to run with a machine gun because it can get me a ton of kills from a distance. I’ve also used a rocket launcher before, and it gets the job done very quickly.


You need to know when to call upon arc blade. If you call upon it at the wrong moment, you’ll get yourself killed without using any kills. Arc blade isn’t an ability you use when enemies are already shooting at you. Hide behind a corner, call upon it, then turn the corner and run train on the opposing team. When used correctly, the Bladedancer can be one of the best PvP subclasses in game. If you don’t use it correct, you’re in for very long games in the crucible.

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