Destiny Hunter Nightstalker PvP Build – October 3, 2015

The Hunter Nightstalker class, a class that can fade into the shadows and come out unscathed.  This is the first true support subclass of the Hunter and is extremely effective in PvP when combined with the correct teammates.  This is the new subclass of the Hunters that came out with the Taken King and is a void specialist. One of the coolest perks about the Nightstalker is the bow and arrow ability shadowshot that the subclass gets.

This class build is created based off of experience in the crucible. Remember that this is a PvP build and while this build can still be used effectively in PvE, it is focused for PvP.  It is highly recommended to focus on intellect when creating this class build.  Getting shadowshot as often as possible will help your team crush the opponent and come out victorious.


Grenade – Vortex Grenade

The vortex grenade, as the name would suggest, creates a vortex which damages enemies trapped inside. This is being used for the same reason I suggest using it on the Warlock Voidwalker build; it’s a way to crowd control.  It’s also nice to catch people not paying attention. There are many game modes where players have to capture an objective, control and rift just to name a few. Vortex Grenade is a good way to stop the enemy from doing so, or get a kill while the enemy is arrogant enough to try and do so while your grenade is there.

Jump – Increased Control

I use increased control because I like the extra control while in the air. You can pick whichever jump you feel most comfortable with here as it does not affect the rest of the build. However, there isn’t much of a need for added height while in the crucible so increased control is preferred.

Shadowshot – Blackhole

Shadowshot is the bread and butter of the Nightstalker build. Shadowshot tethers enemies to your shot location slowing their movement and preventing them from using their abilities. If you hit an enemy with shadowshot, it also kills that enemy.  Blackhole increases the range of the void anchor, makes it so more targets can be tethered, and the anchoring lasts longer.

I mentioned that this is the first true support subclass for the hunter. Shadowshot with blackhole caters very well to that support role and can even get the user a few kills for themself. This works wonders against groups of enemies. Snaring any target that passes by making them easy prey. The other two ability are not needed here. Blood bound causes tethered enemies to explode when killed which causes damage to other tethered enemies. As long as you have at least one teammate nearby, you can easily wipe a team of tethered targets, but all of them have to be tethered, hence why you want more targets, more range, and lasting longer.  No extra damage is needed.  Quiver allows the Nightstalker to fire three shots. However, the void anchor has reduced range. If you aren’t extremely accurate, you’re just wasting your super. Blackhole is much more of a guarantee, plus the extended range from blackhole is going to save you and your teammates a lot.

Smoke – Envenomed

The nightstalker melee isn’t a melee at all. You throw smoke which slows and disorients those who are trapped in the cloud of smoke. Envenomed adds a toxin that damages enemies within the smoke. Envenomed is pretty much your only option here. Vanish in smoke turns you and your allies nearby invisible. Since humans are able to see “invisible” people, vanishing is worthless.  Snare allows one to stick there smoke to a surface and wait for an enemy to pass, but who has time to wait for an enemy to pass? Just wait for him to walk throw the door and hit him with some venom!

First Upgrade – Path Forgotten

This class is all about speed. Being able to stalk your prey. Path forgotten increases agility and armor. Who doesn’t need a little extra armor when it comes to the crucible?

First Ability Modifier – Lockdown

The Hunter class has been known to be a lone wolf class. Sometimes you don’t want to stray too far from your roots which is why I have lockdown here which doubles the length of smoke and your grenade. This allows the Nightstalker to control the field more and funnel enemies the way he or she wants them to go. This will help when you call upon your Shadowshot to funnel enemies down one path to ensnare every opponent for easy hunting.

Second Upgrade – Way of the Drifter

The added agility is great here. The Nightstalker wants to be nimble and move quick amongst the shadows. You could opt for full armor, but I like being extremely nimble when it comes to the Nightstalker.

Second Ability Modifier – Shadestep

Shadestep grants the Nightstalker an evade move by pressing the crouch button twice. Shadestep is very useful in both close and long range situations sidestepping your enemies and their shots. The other two abilities here just aren’t as good as shadestep. With Predator, the void anchors become traps. You have to place it in just the right location that it’s not even worth it. Shadestep is definitely the way to go.

Primary Weapon – User’s Choice

The primary is whatever you feel most comfortable with. Any weapon that you can master is a good choice here. I used to run with a handcannon, but lately I’ve been using an auto rifle more and more.

Special Weapon – Shotgun

With the added agility, and shadestep, there is no reason not to roll with a shotgun in the crucible with the Nightstalker. Sidestep your enemy and then shoot, pretty simple strategy if you ask me.

Heavy Weapon – Sword

With the Nighstalker, I love running with a sword. You have to be careful when rolling with a sword though. Make sure you’re block and shadestepping at the correct moments so you can get your strike off. This the first build I’ve actually recommended a heavy. However, if you don’t feel comfortable enough with a sword, run with a rocket launcher here.


You have to aim your shadowshot correctly. Aim for the chest of one target, kill him and watch it ensnare the rest of his team. This is a great support class both in an out of the crucible and is also fun to run.

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One thought on “Destiny Hunter Nightstalker PvP Build – October 3, 2015

  1. Great build. The only thing I have to disagree with is that invisibility doesn’t just make you invisible(somewhat) it takes you off the radar entirely until it wears off so it isn’t COMPLETELY useless.But for pvp yeha envenomed is nice


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