Destiny Hunter Gunslinger PvP Build – October 4, 2015

The Hunter Gunslinger class, the original lone wolf, has the tools to be very deadly when battling enemies in the crucible. This class is not easily mastered, and isn’t for those players who find the spray and pray method their strategy of choice.  This was the first class I started with when playing Destiny. The superability Golden Gun reminds me of the Golden PP7 from the good old James Bond days.

This class was built based off of experience. This is the build that works best for me in PvP. Remember, this is a PvP build and while can still be effective in PvE, this class build solely focuses on dominating in the crucible. This class build focuses on the Golden Gun so maximizing intellect is what you want to aim for when building a Gunslinger.


Grenade – Tripmine Grenade

Tripmine Grenade is a grenade that stays in place and detonates when an enemy comes within close proximity of it.  This comes very handy and makes it so you don’t have to be extremely accurate with your grenade throws. You just have to throw it in the general direction of where you think the enemy is going to be which works wonders in game modes such as rift and control. Tripmine can also act as a sticky grenade if you manage to stick an opponent. The other two grenades are okay, but tripmine is much more effective.

Jump – Better Control

Better control will give you better control while in the air. This doesn’t have a huge effect on the rest of the build, however, the other jumps give you increased height, which is not required when playing in the crucible.

Golden Gun – Gunfighter 

Golden Gun kills reduce the cool down of your next Golden Gun. Who doesn’t want to use the Golden PP7 as often as possible? You get three shots with Golden gun, so make them count.  This is a sharpshooter class, a class for the players who are very accurate. The increased accuracy given by deadeye should not be required. Having enemies explode with combustion could seem nice, however, with the correct armor and abilities, you can easily take out the other enemies nearby your killed target.

Throwing Knife – Incendiary Blade

Incendiary blade sets enemies on fire giving you extra damage after the initial hit. It’s very hard using a throwing knife especially in the fast paced crucible. Lighting enemies on fire gives you an opportunity to get a kill if the enemy kills you first, or get you a kill if the enemy tries fleeing from you. Circle of life is okay, but it’s not likely that you’re going to kill an enemy with your throwing knife while your Golden gun is active. You should be focused on getting kills with your gun with it’s active. Knife Juggler immediately resets the cooldown of your throwing knife with a precision kill. As I mentioned, in the fast paced crucible, it’s very hard using a throwing knife, let alone trying to get a precision kill with it. Incendiary Blade is definitely the way to go here.

First Upgrade – Path Forgotten

Path Forgotten upgrades speed and armor. The Gunslinger is going to want to be nimble while still protecting himself from enemy gunfire.

First Ability Modifier – Keyhole

With Keyhole, Golden Gun over penetrates and can damage multiple targets. Remember me saying combustion is not needed as an upgrade for Golden Gun? This is why! Keyhole is going to give you great over penetration and potentially the ability to kill multiple targets with one shot. Scavenger is okay, but the grenade and throwing knife aren’t as useful as getting the extra damage and kills with the golden gun.

Second Upgrade – Way of the Fearless

The extra toughness works really well here. Enemies are going to shoot at you while you’re aiming your Golden gun. With the extra armor, take your time and make sure you nail them with your shot.

Second Ability Modifier – Over the Horizon

This increases the range of Golden Gun. This will help to take out snipers or other enemies from a distance. The extra throwing knife is not needed. Sometimes you’ll accidentally press the knife button and lose your throwing knife anyway.  Chain of Woe gives you faster reload speed with precision kills. This isn’t very useful. Either take out your special or hide behind cover, don’t worry about reloading while an enemy is firing bullets at you.

Primary Weapon – Something with longer range

Having a longer range weapon on the Gunslinger is preferred. I like to use a Pulse Rifle or a Scout Rifle with the Gunslinger. Trying to keep enemies away as much as possible.

Special Weapon – User’s choice

This is one of the only moments I won’t recommend a shotgun. Snipers work really well here. However, they are hard to master. If you feel more comfortable with a shotgun, use it. Remember that you’re trying to stay away from the enemies as much as possible though.

Heavy Weapon – Rocket Launcher

With this class, you’re going to want to kill your enemies quick to get them off of your back. Rocket Launcher takes care of the opposition quickly and can keep them at bay.


This class is extremely hard to master. Accuracy is key here. Like the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. This can be a deadly class in the hands of the right player, or the worst class in the hands of an unskilled player.

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