Destiny Titan Sunbreaker PvP build – October 5, 2015

If you want a class that can light the world on fire, the Titan Sunbreaker is right up your alley.  The Sunbreaker is the new subclass for the titan with the release of The Taken King. Many people have called this class overpowered, with the right build, you’ll be setting your enemies on fire and have them running for the hills.

This class is built on experience. This is the build I use for the Titan Sunbreaker in PvP. This class is all about lighting the world on fire with your superability, Hammer of Sol. Intellect will be the main focus in order to call upon the Hammer of Sol as often as possible.


Grenade – Fusion Grenade

This is a sticky grenade that causes extra damage when attached to its target. Sticking an enemy is very useful, and while you have to be accurate with your throws, it pairs nicely with cauterize, an ability I will discuss later in this build. It’s also fun to stick and run!

Jump – Increased Control

Remember this is a PvP build, the better control while in the air can help you navigate areas better and get some shots off on your opponents while coming to the ground. You can chose the jump that suits your play style best. However, it is recommended to go with increased control. The jump does not have an effect on the rest of this build.

Hammer of Sol – Forgemaster

Forgemaster allows for more hammers to be thrown and for bigger explosions. Who doesn’t need more hammers and bigger explosions? There is no need for suncharge which allows you to hurl yourself forward at enemies. With hammer of sol, you shouldn’t be letting enemies get that close.  If they do get that close, nail them with a hammer! That’s why you get the extra hammers in the first place. Scorched earth creates sunspots which can be useful for controlling the battlefield.  If you are able to wipe the opposing team with all of your hammers, you’re already controlling the battlefield. Hence, there is no need for sunspots on this build.

Sunstrike – Stoke the Forge

Getting hits with Sunstrike reduces the cooldown of your next sunstrike with Stoke the Forge. Kills immediately reset the cooldown.  This is very useful especially for the shotgun and melee combination I discussed in my Warlock Stormcaller build. For those of you who have not read that build, The shotgun and melee combination is shotgunning and opponent as soon as you get him within range and then meleeing him immediately afterwards. I’ve gotten into a habit where I am immediately pressing the melee button right after I click the shot on the shotgun. This strategy is more effective with the Warlock because they have a longer melee range.  It still can be used on the Sunbreaker as long as you are aware of the distance of your melee and how close you are to your opponent.

First Upgrade – Titan Codex II

Titan Codex II is focused on speed and toughness. Increasing your agility and armor will help you stay alive more and get you more kills. One may wonder, why not recover? That’ll be explained later in the second ability modifier.

First Ability Modifier – Flameseeker

What’s better than exploding Hammers you may ask? Exploding hammers that seek out targets! I don’t think much more explanation is required. No need to be as accurate when you’re busy destroying the other team with your target seeking hammers!

Second Upgrade – Titan Codex VI

Titan Codex VI increases both agility and armor again with more focus on agility. Being able to run a little farther and faster can help when trying to get close enough to the enemy to hit them with your sunstrike. It can also help you find their spawn after you just decimated them with Hammer of Sol the first time around.  Again, recovery is not needed as will be discussed in the second ability modifier.

Second Ability Modifier – Cauterize

The moment everyone has been waiting for. The section I keep mentioning but have not explained yet. Enemies brought down by your fire regenerate your health. Time to watch the world burn and your enemies along with it! This section is extra recovery on top of your beast mode armor! This is where the whole build comes together. This is why fusion grenades and extra hammers are extremely important. In this build, you want to make sure you are taking enemies down with your fire to regenerate your health. None of this works if you’re getting a kill after you’re already dead. Getting extra burn damage in grenade and melee stats isn’t as important.

Primary Weapon – User’s Choice

Pick whichever weapon you feel most comfortable with here. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between several different primaries because I keep finding cool ones as drops in strikes.

Special Weapon – Shotgun

The shotgun and melee combination doesn’t quite work that well if you don’t use a shotgun. Although, I have used a sniper rifle on this class and been pretty effective. I just didn’t use my melee at all in those matches.

Heavy Weapon – User’s Choice

Again, use whatever you feel comfortable with. Swords are always fun to run around with. Make sure if you can’t get to your target, you have a fusion grenade ready to stick him or her with. You can never go wrong with a Rocket Launcher. There are times I’ll even kill myself just to kill the opponent who sneaks up on me. Machine guns are always a good choice to, you just have to know the recoil of your weapon.


This is one of the scariest classes in PvP because of the superability Hammer of Sol. This is also one of the easiest classes to master in the Taken King. Get your super, light the world on fire, rinse and repeat. With that being said, this is one of the deadliest classes in the crucible. Don’t hold back!

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