Destiny Titan Striker PvP Build – October 9, 2015

Hulk Smash! That’s how one can basically sum up the Titan Striker. With its fist of havoc, storm fist, and shoulder charge, playing as the Titan Striker does feel like the Incredible Hulk at times. The correct strategy and right build will have you pummeling your enemies to the ground.

This class build is crafted based on experience playing as the Titan Striker. This is the set up I use when I play as the Titan Striker. If you want to be like the Hulk, the sriker is the right class for you. Remember, the striker can go down to bullets just as easily as other subclasses. Just running around with shoulder charge is a good way to get yourself killed. Use good strategy and timing to maximize the usefulness of this class. With this striker setup, fist of havoc is going to be the focus. Intellect is going to need to be as high as possible to call upon your Hulk smash as often as possible. Keep in mind that this is a PvP build and may not be the best setup for PvE.Fist_of_Havoc (1)

Grenade – Pulse Grenade

Pulse grenade is a grenade that periodically sends out damaging pulses inside its explosion range. There are a lot of gamers who would argue for the lightning grenade. I have several reasons why I chose the pulse grenade over the lightning grenade. First reason is that the lightning grenade takes a lot more precision to use over the pulse grenade. Using the lightning grenade can cause more inaccuracy and less kills than the pulse grenade. Second reason is that the pulse grenade allows the user to control the battlefield more. If you want to maximize the usefulness of fist of havoc, you want to have the enemies funneled together. Pulse grenade does this the best out of the three grenades.

Lift – Increased Control

Increased control is for better handing while in the air. There is no need for added height in PvP. You have the option of choosing whichever jump you prefer. The jump does not have an effect on the rest of the Titan Striker build.

Fist of Havoc – Shockwave

Time to Hulk Smash! Fist of Havoc has you slam your fists into the ground and destroy anything within the pound radius. Shockwave releases a wave of energy out from the explosion radius. Shockwave is good to catch enemies tring to flee or those just outside of your smash.  Death from above allows you to aim your fist while in the air, but if you hit in the general area, you’re getting the kill regardless. Aftermath can catch enemies who aren’t paying attention as it leaves a pulse grenade like field after your fist hits, but you’ll get more kills with Shockwave.

Storm Fist – Amplify

I want to smash as much as possible. Amplify reduces the cooldown of fist of havoc when you get kills with storm fist. The melee on the Titan class isn’t great to begin with since it doesn’t have as good of range as the other two classes (warlock and hunter). Therefor, overload being able to immediately reset the cooldown of storm fist is not needed since you won’t be using your punch as often as the other tools in your shed such as fist of havoc and shoulder charge (discussed more in the second ability modifier). Discharge leaves a damaging field in the area after you get a hit with storm fist. This can be useful, but the reduced cooldown of fist of havoc is the way to go and will get you more kills in the long run.

First Upgrade – Titan Codex II

Training focused on speed and toughness is just what Bruce Banner ordered. The speed is extremely important when it comes to shoulder charge. Toughness also plays a crucial role while enemies are trying to gun you down before you bulldoze them.

First Ability Modifier – Transfusion

This is a no brainer in this category. Transfusion triggers health regeneration after a kill with should charge and storm fist. The Titan Striker is going to take a ton of bullets trying to get as close to the enemy as possible. Skipping on the recovery aspect in the first and second upgrades is going to leave the striker vulnerable. Transfusion takes care of this vulnerability as long as you time your runs and hits properly.

Second Upgrade – Titan Codex VI

Titan Codex VI gives the striker more agility. Again, this class requires speed to get as close to the enemy as possible while they are trying to gun you down.

Second Ability Modifier – Shoulder Charge

This makes or break this class. After you sprint for a short time, the striker charges up his should charge.  You have to keep sprinting while you are charged, and you have to get close enough to an enemy in order to make sure you hit your target.  Once you unleash your shoulder charge, its an automatic kill on enemies who aren’t in a super or don’t have a shield activated. However, this is extremely risky and needs to be timed properly.  The striker has to get close enough to the enemy to unleash his charge to ensure a hit.  Hence why added toughness and speed are recommended. The enemy will shoot you, backpedal, and do anything he or she can to escape in the process. You have to have good strategy and timing to pull off your shoulder charge without getting killed. When done properly, the shoulder charge can unleash havoc against the enemy.


Hulk Smash! This class has great risk, great reward when in the crucible. You live and die by fist of havoc and should charge. With the right strategic moves, you’ll crush your enemies. With the wrong strategic moves, you’ll be more like Bruce Banner rather than the Hulk.

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