Best PvP Class in Destiny: The Taken King – October 25, 2015

Many websites you visit are going to tell you there is no best class in Destiny. While this may be true to some extent, there are definitely classes that you can dominate with more easily than others. Every class has its uses and can be used for different situations. Maybe your play style caters to a more melee focused class or one where you live and die by your grenade. This post is here to discuss the best classes for PvP and why.

Before I get into the rankings, I’m going to get into the best classes in different categories.

Best Superability in PvP

Titan Sunbreaker

I don’t think there is much arguing this. Even titan sunbreakers sometimes complain about titan sunbreakers. The hammer of sol ability lets the sunbreaker throw fire hammers to destroy his or her enemies.  This lets the sunbreaker use his special from a distance, avoiding much enemy fire and easily taking out enemies. Most times when a sunbreaker is coming, people just run the opposite direction.


Best Grenade in PvP

Warlock Sunsinger

The Warlock Sunsinger actually has a couple of great grenades, but the best is its firebolt grenade. Throw this grenade in the general direction of your enemies and it will split to hit multiple targets. It also causes burn damage which can get you many postmortem kills when used properly.

Best Support Class in PvP

Hunter Nightstalker

Tethering enemies is extremely useful and can easily stop an enemy dead in his or her tracks.  Many people would argue for the Titan Defender. While the defender is very good at protecting from gunfire, there are several opposing supers that complete destroy the bubble making it useless at times. It is also less effective in team death match game modes where enemies are constantly on the move and have less predictable movement patterns.

Best Melee in PvP

Warlock Stormcaller

With the correct perks, Thunderstrike will be saving your life more times than you can count. It goes a very long distance and with the shotgun and melee strategy you’ll be loving it.


Now to the moment of truth. The official rankings of the best class in PvP starting from the bottom and working the way to the top.

9. Titan Defender

The Ward of Dawn is extremely useful in game modes such as control. However, there are many more game modes that aren’t control and this is an overall PvP best class. The Defender falls short in almost every category and ward of dawn isn’t as strong as it may seem. It is easily outmatched by supers such as the Warlock Voidwalker’s Nova Bomb and the Titan Striker’s Fist of Havoc.

8. Titan Striker

The Titan Striker needs to get up close and personal to cause havoc. Unfortunately, it’s very tough especially with the new Taken King classes. A Fist of Havoc is always deadly, but you have to get close enough to use it, and the striker doesn’t have much else going for it.

7. Hunter Gunslinger

The Gunslinger is a very difficult class to use. Being accurate with the Golden gun is key. However, this class lacks a good melee or grenade which drops it to number 7.


6. Warlock Voidwalker

I love the Voidwalker, and it’s one of my favorite classes to play as. However, using Nova Bomb floats you in the air for a brief moment, giving enemies an opportunity to kill you before you’re able to get it off or right after you release it. The melee is great, but the grenades leave something to be desired. One of the saving graces of Voidwalker is the jump blink. The slight delay in Nova Bomb is what lands Voidwalker at number 6.

5. Hunter Nighstalker

The nightstalker has very good supporting abilities as well as a few tricks to get multiple kills. It also has the ability to stop enemies dead in the tracks. The Melee can act as a second grenade when the right perk is chosen which can be very useful. The regular grenade section does leave a little to be desired.

4. Warlock Sunsinger

That grenade though! The firebolt grenade is absolutely fantastic and can get one a ton of kills. On top of that, the super speeds up the process for grenades. Granted, the super isn’t the best, but the melee and grenade more than make up for it landing the Warlock Sunsinger at number 4.


3. Hunter Bladedancer

The Bladedancer used to be the cream of the crop. The arc blade super can easily decimate teams when the proper perks are equipped. Coupled with some good grenades and a decent melee, the bladedancer falls to number 3 in the best PvP class in Destiny.

2. Warlock Stormcaller

The Stormcaller’s stormtrance can take out a lot of enemies very quickly even quicker than the bladedancer can. On top of a great super, the stormcaller has the best melee in the game and decent grenades. It’s also fun to weird the lightning power of the sith lords!

1. Titan Sunbreaker

The hammer of sol superability can get one an easy 8 to 12 kills per game. The Titan Sunbreaker also gets access to great grenades. It is hindered by it’s melee, but the other areas make up for it landing the Titan Sunbreaker at the best PvP class in destiny.


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One thought on “Best PvP Class in Destiny: The Taken King – October 25, 2015

  1. iv beaten so many hunter and titans with the stormcaller ability without dying that warlocks are actually the best. WARLOCKS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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