Destiny: The Taken King – Warlock Stormcaller builds – October 30, 2015

The Warlock Stormcaller is a wielder of lightning. With it’s powerful stormtrance ability, coupled with thunderstrike and storm grenade, the stormcaller can reign down lightning upon his or her enemies. In this post, I am going to give two class builds, both of which I run depending how I’m feeling that day and potentially what game mode I’m in. These setups are extremely useful when used correctly, and you’ll be having fun dominating your enemies with the lightning power of the sith lord in no time!

Build 1

  • Storm Grenade
  • Focused Burst
  • Stormtrance: Superconductor
  • Thunderstrike: Amplitude
  • Arcane Spirit
  • Feedback
  • Divine Order
  • Perpetual Charge

This is the main set up I run with my Warlock. It is most useful in PvP where amplitude and feedback are crucial. Being able to have that long of a melee strike will easily get you plenty of kills and even some payback kills that you weren’t expecting. Just because this is my main PvP build, does not mean it is not viable in PvE. I run this set up in PvE almost all the time (this may be because I forget to change my setup when I go into strikes, but that’s not the point). Perpetual charge is huge with grenade kills charging your melee and vice versa.


Build 2

  • Storm Grenade
  • Focused Control
  • Stormtrance: Superconductor
  • Thunderstrike: Rising Storm
  • Arcane Spirit
  • Transcendence
  • Divine Order
  • Perpetual Charge

As you notice, the two main differences in this build are Rising Storm on Thunderstrike and Transcendence.  This is more of a build for PvE than PvP. Rising Storm makes it so hits with thunderstrike charge your melee and super energy. Transcendence makes it so your stormtrance lasts longer when your grenade and melee are fully charged as well as restoring your health to full. One of the reasons I don’t run this on PvP is because you have to be mindful of your grenade and melee energies which are extremely useful in territorial control in every game mode as well as saving your life in a last ditch effort. On the other hand, in PvE, when hordes of enemies are attacking you, you’re going to want the extra time for stromtrance in order to take them out and save you and your allies.

Check out some Warlock Stormcaller gameplay here –

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