The Flash: Season 1 review – November 14, 2015

Speeding his way to a TV screen near you, the Flash! Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was a normal scientist working with the police as a crime scene investigator (CSI).  To say he was slow, would be giving him a compliment. Not only was he slow, but he would always seem to show up late until one night when everything changed.

Barry was working late in his lab while S.T.A.R labs was performing an experiment that went wrong. The resulting failure at S.T.A.R labs created an explosion and a storm. Barry Allen was struck by lightning during this storm. After months of being in a coma, Barry finally wakes up. Upon waking up, Barry is fast. Everything about Barry is fast: Running, moving, healing. Thus, the flash was born.


The Flash is everything you could ask for in a superhero show. It is action packed with humor and touching moments. The acting is spot on with memorable performances from Grant Gustin, Jesse Martin as Joe West, and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells.

The story is fast paced and keeps the viewers addicted to finding out what the Flash is going to do next. There are crossovers between the Arrow and the Flash which makes the show even enjoyable especially if the viewer watches the Arrow. Seeing both the Green Arrow and Flash team up is one of the most enjoyable moments of the series. Unlike the Arrow series, the Flash doesn’t have any moments that feel like a soap opera.

Positives: Great acting, great story, crossovers keep the story interesting and are a nice change of pace


Overall: 9.7/10

This series is a must watch for any superhero fan. Season 1 is on Netflix and is one of the best series on there today. If there is a series you’re looking to get into, this is the one. There are 23 episodes and all of them are enjoyable.

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