Reign Season 1 Review – Netflix – December 1, 2015

Long live the king! A typical phrase one would shout back in the medieval time period, but would one be able to say long live the TV show Reign?

Reign takes place during the mid-sixteenth following Mary, Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane).  Mary was promised to Francis II of France (Toby Regbo) since the age of six. Times are much more complicated for just a simple marriage to take place. Mary and Francis’ marriage would create a powerful alliance between France and Scotland. However, King Henry II of France (Alan Van Sprang) wants more.

Reign is a historical drama tv show focused on romance.  Not a ton of action and a lot of love triangles.


There is a plethora of history from the sixteenth century that could have been included in Reign but was left out for romance instead.  The constant romance detracts heavily from what could have been something great.

A lack of action also detracts from Reign. A time period where there was much animosity and so much was left out. More battles, even if fabricated, could have added a lot to a show which was lacking a depth.

The saving grace of Reign is the acting. The actors are spot on particularly Adelaide Kane playing Mary, Queen of Scots, Torrance Coombs playing Bash, bastard of the King, Toby Regbo playing Francis and Megan Follows playing Queen Catherine de Medici.

Positives: Great acting saves Reign from complete failure. The time period is extremely interesting. Some historical events thrown into the show make it bearable.

Negatives: Too much romance destroys the show.  Better storylines could have been used to make Reign more interesting.

Overall: 5.9/10

Definitely proceed with caution when getting into Reign. It focuses more on drama and romance than action and pure storylines.

One thing to think about, Reign has to compete with some of the “top dogs” not only on TV but also on Netflix. There are much better shows on TV and Netflix that are more worth getting into: The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, The Flash, The Arrow, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones. Those are just to name a few of the shows which are worth a look over Reign.

As I mentioned before, one of the saving graces of Reign is the acting. Coupled with the time period (it is one of my favorite time periods), Reign creeps into mediocrity of TV shows.

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