Dark Matter Season 1 Review – Netflix – December 8, 2015

Strange occurrences are happening on the Raza and no one knows what’s going on. Dark Matter takes place in the middle of space and the Raza is the location; a ship where six crew members wake up and have no memory of their past.

As the story progresses each member slowly starts to learn each of their identities. Along with their identities, they are trying to find the traitor amongst them; the person who wiped their memories clean.


Dark Matter combines mystery with action and science fiction to bring something special to TV. It has a great balance between action and character development and keeps the audience involved. The audience knows just as much about the characters as they know about themselves and with each episode, new information comes to light.

Unfortunately, the acting isn’t as up to par as one would hope from a TV show as engrossing. One would hope for more emotion and confusion to be displayed, and it just isn’t there.

Positives: Engrossing storyline. Fun to learn about each character as they learn about themselves.

Negatives: Acting is mediocre.

Overall: 7/10

Dark Matter has an engrossing story with mediocre acting. It definitely does enough to keep the attention of the viewers.  This show is definitely for the syfy lover. If you’re a syfy lover, hop on Netflix, and check out Dark Matter!

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