Deadpool Review – February 21, 2016

Warning: The Deadpool movie is not your typical superhero movie. It is rated R meaning it may not be appropriate for children under the age of eighteen. Due to the nature of the movie, this review may also contain inappropriate language not suitable for those under the age of eighteen.

If you didn’t understand what I just wrote because you’re under the age of eighteen, and you’ve gotten this far, I’m saying fuck off. =)

Well, glad we got that out of the way. Where was I? Oh yes, Deadpool!

Have you ever been with another person, making love, fucking, whatever you want to call it, and had a few small orgasmed followed by one massive full body orgasm? There are several things you probably wonder to yourself after this happens.  What just happened? Where has this person been your whole life? Are you ever going to feel the same pleasure again?

Well that’s how the Deadpool movie felt.


As you probably know from the countless commercials, Deadpool isn’t your typical superhero movie. It’s vulgar, crude and just what the doctor ordered. Most superhero movies take themselves seriously with a joke or two thrown in.  Deadpool is the exact opposite. It is joke after joke with a serious moment here and there. The film also takes jabs at several of Ryan Reynolds old movies: The Green Lanturn and Wolverine. (Pay attention or you’ll miss them! But you won’t miss Ryan Reynolds sweet ass 😉 )

For those of you who aren’t comic nerds, let me explain Deadpool. Named Wade Wilson as an inside joke being related to Slade Wilson (DC’s Deathstroke), is a mutant with superpowers. The reason why I don’t call him a superhero is because he was originally a villain later becoming an antihero. Deadpool has an numerous super abilities including a regenerative healing ability, an great marksman, and also a master swordsman.

He’s also known to break the fourth wall (knowing he is in a comic book and talking to the reader). Deadpool breaking the fourth wall is also seen in the movie which enhances the movie experience.

Pros: Hilarious, Great acting and storyline, Ryan Reynolds kills it as Deadpool, shots taken at other films such as The Green Lanturn and Wolverine are great.

Cons: Can possibly make you orgasm so hard that you moan loudly, interrupting the movie for everyone else.

Overall: 10/10

Let’s recap. Drop what you’re doing, find the nearest theatre, buy a ticket for Deadpool and watch the movie. If the movie doesn’t make you laugh, you probably have no soul. =)

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