Best Pokemon Team #2 – Yellow, Blue, and Red Versions – March 2, 2016

In my continuation of the three best pokemon teams in Yellow, Blue, and Red versions, I hit team number two. First of all, there are a thousands of combinations of pokemon one can have especially by the time he or she takes on the elite four. One specific I forgot to mention in my prior post is that these teams are non legendary pokemon. Obviously Mewtwo and Mew would warrant spots on any “best” team if they were allowed, but for the purpose of these posts, they are not permitted.


Magneton – Thunderbolt, Thunder wave, Hyper beam, Flash


You may have been able to pick up on my team for the first pokemon here. Having an electric type pokemon is essential for getting through the first generation pokemon games, and Magneton is my choice for team two. Magneton has the best special attack of all non legendary electric type pokemon. I use flash as move number four because like sand attack on Jolteon, a miss can be the difference between living to fight another day or having to visit Nurse Joy early.

Vaporeon – Surf, Blizzard/Ice Beam, Rest, Acid Armor


Vaporeon is a not only another great eeveelution, but also an excellent partner to Magneton. Magneton is a pokemon who hates ground type moves. Vaporeon can take an earthquake and then dish a surf or a blizzard back to the sender. Acid Armor + Rest is a great way to wall attack type pokemon that use earthquake. Ice moves are always welcome to take out dragon type pokemon as well.

Gyarados – Surf, Thunderbolt, Blizzard/Ice Beam, Body Slam


If one pokemon who did fairly well against ground wasn’t enough, let’s throw in one who is immune to ground. Gyarados is a beast. On top of this, you can get Magikarp and evolve him into Gyarados before you face the third gym meaning Gyarados can help you through the majority of the game. Nonetheless, the attack combination presented for Gyarados can help him hit many pokemon hard especially many pokemon in the elite four.

Nidoking – Earthquake, Blizzard/Ice Beam, Body Slam, Thunderbolt


As you can tell a lot of these pokemon have the similar move sets. There was a lack of powerful moves in generation one. Earthquake is essential on a team and Nidoking is the best to use it here. The immunity to electric and the vast movepool only strengthen his case to be a part of team two. You can get a Nidoking before gym 2, and I highly recommend you evolve him as soon as possible as he is one of the more powerful pokemon obtained early on.

Exeggutor – Sleep Powder, Psychic, Mega Drain, Leech Seed


Exeggutor is a powerhouse in generation one, resisting six different types and being immune to one other. He is also able to hit five different pokemon types for super effective damage. Having the ability to heal himself with mega drain and leech seed is an added bonus as it can help the pokemon trainer save his or her potions for other pokemon.

Snorlax – Body Slam, Blizzard/Ice Beam, Earthquake, Psychic


Just before you got to this point you were probably wondering to yourself, where the hell is Snorlax?! Well, here he is! Snorlax makes it onto team two being another powerhouse in generation one. The move set is fairly straight forward. Psychic hits fighting and poison hard. Blizzard/Ice beam hits dragon, ground, flying and grass hard. Earthquake hits fire, electric, rock, and poison hard. Body slam has a 30% chance to paralyze which is very useful if you can get the paralysis.

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