Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – March 25, 2016

Man v God, Night v Day, Batman v Superman. One of the most epic clashes amongst two of the biggest heroes in the DC universe, but can the monumental status of these two superheroes hold the weight of this movie to be a “God among men”?

Batman v Superman had a lot on the line, the future of DC comic book films was feeling the pressing from the Marvel Universe and felt as though they had to produce something historic to keep pace. My first goal going into the theatre was to keep an open mind. There were many opinionated people on social media voicing their displeasure/pleasure with Ben Affleck as Batman or their excitement/fear based on the trailers.


Let me first address some of the fears people had about the movie.  The first fear was the coherence of Batman v Superman based on the trailers. Everything came together just right. The fear of Batman that this God can do whatever he wants just by batting an eye and the fear of Superman that Batman was starting to lose control. If you’ve seen the previews, you know there is a bigger enemy a foot and the way it comes about it perfect.

Clearly the bigger fear of most people was Ben Affleck as Batman. The fear that he was going to destroy the most iconic superhero ever. Let me put these fears to rest by stating that Ben Affleck did a fine job as Batman/Bruce Wayne. The voice modulator was a much better idea than having Batman mask his voice as the Dark Knight franchise did. I look forward to seeing a solo Batman film with Ben Affleck at the helm if that rumor is true.

With those fears out of the way, the movie is not without flaws. Early on the movie bounced from scene to scene quite often which detracted from the overall fear or connection I could draw towards just one character. As soon as I felt myself connecting to Bruce Wayne’s anger from what Superman has done, the movie bounced to Superman/Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) and vice versa or it bounced to a completely different character such as Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). There were some scenes (you can figure out which ones when you see the movie) that just felt unnecessary and would have been more powerful with a different scene all together.


I’ve read a lot of critic reviews and note that many of them blame Zack Snyder for what they call a “failure” of a movie. While part of the blame may lie with Snyder, I think he did a good job given the insurmountable task that Warner Brothers presented to him. Warner Brothers wanted to keep up with Disney and the Marvel Universe, and they pushed too hard for this movie. Captain America: Civil War has been 8-10 years in the making. Disney and Marvel had a plan. Warner Brothers is throwing these actors and directors to the wolves and telling them “good luck”. Batman v Superman really would have benefited from a couple of solo films before throwing all of these superheroes into one movie. I did find the way Zack Snyder introduced the characters to be creative but felt forced.  Warner Brothers should have done a solo Batman film and a solo Wonder Woman film to build those characters up a little more. Give us a little more background into those characters so you don’t have to develop them as much in Batman v Superman since the ground work would have already been laid.

With that being said, it’s not too late for Warner Brothers to take a step back and say they jumped the gun. They can still have Ben Affleck do a solo Batman film and potentially even do a solo Wonder Woman movie if they wanted to.

Needless to say despite these flaws, Batman v Superman was an extremely enjoyable movie. I’ve seen every superhero movie since 2005 and the meta and rottentomatoes scores rank this movie as one of the “worst” ones. This brings me to my final point ( a little bit of a rant, but here to help).  If you don’t trust my blog review about this movie, look at the user scores on both of those cites and forget about the critic scores. Reading some of the reviews just made it seem like these critics were waiting to destroy this movie without going in with an open mind. Based on the superhero movies I’ve seen, I’d put this up around Captain America: The First Avenger and Ant-Man level. Obviously not in the same league as The Dark Knight or The Avengers, but still holds its own and will be a very fun movie to watch from beginning to end.

The Good: Ben Affleck eases all worries fairly quickly about him being Batman/Bruce Wayne. He does a very good job dawning the Dark Knight cape. I love the incorporation of Alfred ( Jeremy Irons) into the film as he was amazing and is involved with Batman as he should be. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) was absolutely amazing. The action scenes were awesome. Batman v Superman was visually fantastic.

The Bad: Zack Snyder had the movie bouncing back and forth between too many characters which couldn’t get the audience to connect to even one character as much as one would have liked. Some of the characters could have benefited from a solo movie so Batman v Superman didn’t have to be stuffed with so much backstory. Some scenes seemed forced and unnecessary.

The Ugly: Warner Brothers is trying too hard to keep up with Disney/Marvel Universe. They need to take a step back and do some solo films (maybe introduce a new character in those solo films) to give audiences more background.

Overall: 8.5/10

Ultimately this is another very good superhero movie and has two of the biggest superheroes colliding. Batman v Superman was enjoyable from start to finish and definitely one that superhero fans will enjoy.

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