Captain America: Civil War Review – May 13, 2016

Villains? Who needs villains when you have superheroes! The epic clash of superhero vs superhero in the Marvel Universe finally hits the big screen: Team Captain America (Chris Evans)  vs Team Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr). Good vs…Good? Each superhero has a cause he is or she is fighting for, forming an alliance with either Captain America or Iron Man.

Superheroes have gotten too much power causing destruction and casualties wherever they go.  The governments of over 100 countries have gotten together to try and limit this power.  The governments want to determine which causes the superheroes will battle and which they will stay out of.  Without giving away too much detail of the movie, one superhero is for this cause and the other against it.  However, this clash evolves into something more then just signing a government document.


Captain American: Civil War does a great job of blending action, drama, and comedy into a smooth, exciting movie.  This is a typical Marvel movie plus one. When I say plus one, I’m saying that Marvel seemed to up the ante in this movie. To date, this is my favorite Marvel movie now. It just feels right. Every moment was another moment of excitement.

One of the best parts about Civil War was the introduction of a few new characters: Black Panther and Spider-man.  I have to admit, I’ve never read Black Panther comics, but the way he was portrayed by Chadwick Boseman was absolutely fantastic. To top is all off, Tom Holland as Spider-man was brilliant! As fans, we are finally getting the Spider-man we deserve! His character was spot on and hilarious.

It’s hard to find something wrong with this movie.  If I am really knit-picking, it would be the subtitles I had to read when they spoke a foreign language.  This is because some tall woman decided to sit in front of me, and I had to bob and weave my head around her to read the subtitles.

Positives: Great acting. Superheroes were spot on. Great directing. Great casting choices. Perfect blend of action, drama and comedy. New characters were amazing and introduced well.

Negatives: It’s hard to read subtitles behind a tall person.

Overall: 10/10

Civil War is another great installment in the Marvel Universe. The combination of everything makes it extremely enjoyable and a movie any superhero fan will want to watch multiple times. The introduction of new characters was spot on and gives the future of these films a great outlook!

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