Twitch – First Impressions 05/16/16

Those of you who know me, know I love gaming. Whether it’s playing a new game, watching someone else play, or reading about tips and tricks for a game, I’m all about gaming. That’s one of the reasons why I created this blog. I love writing about games, giving my opinions on them, and helping people out where I can when they are struggling with a game, trying to figure out what to buy or what class to build.

For those of you who don’t know, twitch is a streaming service where you can watch people game, or game and let people watch you. Prior to this past weekend, I had used twitch several times to watch gamers play.  You can get in the mind of some of the best gamers around and see that even they sometimes falter. Obviously being real time, you see players for what they are, not what they want you to see in a recorded youtube video.


I’m far from a great gamer. I’d say I’m above average.  One of the things I like to say is I come up with strategies for the common gamers.  The strategies that can help out gamers who don’t play video games 8 hours a day and don’t take forever to master.

So far, I like streaming on twitch. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with topics to talk about when people aren’t asking questions in the comments section.  While I’m gaming real time, I’ll just talk about whatever is on my mind, and I’ll answer questions as they come up in the comments section.

One of the things I learned is the video is on about a 10 second delay. So after you ask a question, you’ll have to wait a little to get a response, but be sure, it’s coming.

So far I’ve only played Borderland: The presequel which can get slow at times.  I am going to start streaming every time I’m playing a video game, but I get a feeling I will get more followers and views if I stream a faster paced game (probably an online game) like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Well with that being said, check me out on twitch! Every follower I get really helps me out and keeps me motivated! Look me up! AgentZero3432

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Twitter: AgentZero3432


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