Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Battle vs Zarpedon

So if you’ve been playing Borderlands: The-Sequel, you know that Zarpedon has been hassling you from the beginning.  Well spoiler alert (like you didn’t already know), you end up facing her in an epic battle.

First thing you need to know is that Zarpedon is at level 26. I took on the challenge at level 24.  With a couple of second winds, I was able to defeat her without losing any money from respawning. So I’m here to give some tips and tricks as to how to defeat Zarpedon.

First, I recommend weapons that deal a lot of damage quickly. The three that I used were a pistol that dealt fire damage, a small machine gun that dealt freeze damage, and a shotgun. A shock weapon would probably be nice as Zarpedon has a huge shield, but I didn’t have one in my bag. Nonetheless, I managed.

maxresdefault (1)

Second, constantly keep on the move. Zarpedon will jump at you and deal smash damage. A good way to avoid this huge amount of damage is to keep moving and jumping.  Make sure you know your surroundings.  There are shock areas on the map that can damage you.

Third, there are exploding barrels that you need to use to your advantage.  When Zarpedon gets close to these barrels ( make sure you have activated them), shot them to deal extra damage. Make sure you aren’t close to these barrels or you’ll deal damage to yourself too!

Zarpedon gets a second wind, so be aware of that. After you’ve taken down her exosuit, she will come out and attack you! She’s kind of glowing purple.

If you realize you are starting to lose health too quickly, or you know you’re going to go down, make sure you are near a minion to get your second wind! The minions are fairly easy to kill as long as you have the right weapons equipped!

Well hopefully that’s all you need! Good hunting vault hunter!

Just as a side note, I played as Athena; her special is the Captain America shield which is extremely useful especially in situations like this one!

If you want to watch a video of the epic battle vs Zarpedon; Check it out here!

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