Best Destiny Hunter Nightstalker PVE Build – June 1, 2016

What’s this sticky stuff? O sh*t, it’s a shadowshot from a Hunter Nightstalker! Coming from the shadows, droppin’ bows on them! The Hunter Nightstalker class is one of the most versatile subclasses in Destiny.  This setup is going to help you and your teammates vanquish your foes by droppin’ bows!

Grenade – Vortex

Vortex is the clear winner in the grenade category here. It helps you control the battle field and also couples well with your shadow shot. Drop a shadowshot then drop a vortex grenade and watch the life suck out of your enemies.

Jump – Triple Jump

This area you can go with what you feel, but the ability to either jump twice or jump three times especially in the middle of combat can help you avoid damage  in critical situations.

Shadowshot – Black Hole

This allows you to fire you bow a farther distance, tether more targets, and lasts “significantly” longer. The combination of the vortex and the ability to trap more targets is huge. Drop a bow, drop a vortex and watch a horde of enemies take damage. This is a great combination to control the battlefield and save you and your team from overwhelmingly difficult crowds.


Melee – Vanish in Smoke

While not as effective in PvP, vanish in smoke can save your life in PvE.  The enemies lose track of you when you go invisible. This can not only get you out of tough situations when your health goes low, but can also help you revive a fallen teammate with ease.

First Modifier – Path Forgotten

The Hunter in general is quick.  You never want to get hit as a Hunter. Path forgotten will get you plus armor and plus agility. The agility is going to help the Nightstalker avoid getting hit while dealing some serious damage.

Ability Modifier – Light of the Pack (When you’re playing with teammates) or Courage of the Pack (when you’re going solo)

Light of the Pack is going to generate orbs of light as you kill tethered targets.  This will allow your teammates to get their supers more often and generate orbs of light for you so you can get your super quicker. It’s a circle! Obviously when you’re going solo, you don’t need to create orbs of light for allies since you don’t have any. Courage of the pack will give you increased recovery and armor when you kill tethered targets.

Second Modifier – Way of the Drifter

All about getting that agility! Not only does it increase your agility, but way of the drifter will also slightly increase recovery and armor as well.

Final Modifier – Shadestep (Keen Scout if you forget to use shadestep a lot)

Shadestep will help you avoid a lot of damage by double clicking crouch. If you find yourself forgetting to use this, go with Keen scout which will help you sprint and sneak faster and mark targets you injure.

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