Warlock – Best Class in Destiny!

Whether coming back from the grave or sending lighting bolts through hordes of enemies, the Warlock class has you covered.  The Warlock has three subclasses: The Sunsinger, the Voidwalker, and the Stormcaller.  All three bring a little something to the table depending on the players’ style of play.

The Sunsinger – able to self revive with it’s Radiance super. One can say that this subclass may go down, but it’s never out!


The Voidwalker – able to destroy a large area with it’s Nova bomb. One can say that this subclass can make it rain!

The Stormcaller – able to clear hordes of enemies with it’s Storm trance. Want the room cleared? No problem, the Stormcaller has got you covered!

Before I go into more detail, and before you start yelling at me saying that the Warlock is not the best class in Destiny, I am doing a “Best Class in Destiny” for every class. A “Devil’s Advocate” blog posts if you will.  I am going to be giving reasons why any class could be considered the best class in Destiny.

Back to the list of why the Warlock is the best –

  1. Self Revival.
    1. Being able to self revive is huge. Your teammates won’t have to worry about you, and if you’re playing solo, you won’t need to worry about teammates.
    2. This is arguably the best superpower in the game.
  2. Ability to spam the best grenade in the game. The Sunsinger’s Radiance allows you to spam your grenade and melee abilities.
    1. You’ll not only be lighting enemies on fire, but with the right combination of traits, they’ll burn longer too!
  3. Best way to clear out a room with the Stormcaller’s stormtrance.
    1. Stormtrance can chain to tons of enemies making it extremely easy to clear out a room.TK-StormCaller-Desktop
  4. The Stormcaller’s Thunderstrike melee is the best melee in the game.
    1. Many people (those who aren’t warlocks), have called for this melee to be nerfed based on how powerful and far of a distance it has.
  5. Stormcaller is potentially the best PVP subclass in the game.
    1. Stormcaller is able to take out enemies quickly. If you get the right area, you can take out all the enemies on the other team easily.
    2. The thunderstrike will easily get you kills before the enemy gets too close!
  6. The Voidwalker’s Blink jump is the best jump in the game.
    1. This jump can easily get the player out of a tight spot. Enemies can’t track the movement of this jump as easily as the others, making it great for tight spots.best-voidwalker-builds

What do yall think? Warlock the best in the game?

Check out my youtube video showing some stormcaller action and talking about why the Warlocks are the best in Destiny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loRMyxNtkfQ

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