Best Assault Rifles in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 – Updated!

After all the dust has settled, all of the buffs have come to pass, and Treyarch has finally settled on recoil, movement speed, fire rates of the guns, comes an updated best assault rifle list!

I’ve put a lot of time into each of these weapons. Doing the grind to obtain (or almost obtain) gold camo with each of these assault rifles. Each of these weapons has it’s own play style, one you’ll have to master if you want to do well with any of them. Without further ado, he’s the list of best assault rifles (updated) in Black Ops 3!

7. KN-44


I originally loved this gun. I used to do extremely well with it every time I would chose to use it, but something seems different. It has a little less manageable recoil than the rest of the assault rifles in the class which is why it falls to number 7.


6. XR-2

This gun can be powerful in the right hands but needs stock to do so. The other assault rifles don’t need stock as much as this gun. It’s more suited for far range engagements. You won’t be winning much of anything up close with this rifle.


5. ICR-1

This use to be my favorite assault rifle but has fallen from graces after I’ve become more accustomed to the other assault rifles in the game. Little to no recoil when using this rifle still makes it a favorite. The only problem is it doesn’t do as much damage as some of the other rifles.


The moment everyone has been waiting for! The top 3 assault rifles in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (Clearly I’m not including DLC weapons at this point)

4. Sheiva


The Sheiva is a deadly weapon. Equip high caliber, and it’s even deadlier. With high caliber, the Sheiva is a one shot, one kill headshot. It only fires one bullet at a time so you’ll have to have a quick trigger finger, but this gun is the cream of the crop!

3. HVK-30

Highest fire rate in class but also shortest distance. This gun can mow people down and is extremely useful on the smaller maps.


2. Man-O-War

This is almost become a 1a and 1b type of gun for me here at the top. Both of these top rifles can shred through teams with the right setup. The Man-O-War has manageable recoil and great damage making this a top used gun by many players.

maxresdefault (2)

Check out some Man-O-War gameplay here on my youtube channel!

1. M8A7


A four round burst assault rifle the cleans teams up. It has a quick fire rate for a burst gun and is great over long range but can be just as deadly in closer range scenarios. This is a top tier weapon that should be used by anyone if they are an assault rifle type of player.

Check out some M8A7 gameplay on my youtube here!

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