PokemonGO -Useful Tips and Advice!

The day has finally come! I was a young boy of around 5 years old when I told Professor Oak I wanted to take Charmander as my very first Pokemon. Little known to me, I was embarking on a journey that has lasted 20 years and is still going strong!

PokemonGO is the latest adventure us as fans have been gifted. Now we can walk around the real world and catch Pokemon! (Finally childhood obesity is being fought!). I’m hear to help yall get better, and understand the game a little more!

1. Learn where the Pokestops are near you!

Pokestops are a great way to replenish your items especially pokeballs. You can also get other great items from the stops such as eggs and razz berries!

2. Always keep spare pokeballs on you!

It’s never fun to be out of Pokeballs when a rare Pokemon shows up on your location map.  I’d recommend saving 10 or so just in case a Pokemon you really want shows up!

3.  Focus on catching new Pokemon and ones that will level up/evolve your favorites!

Every time the trainer catches a new Pokemon, he or she will gain extra experience points to level up faster. Focusing on catching one or two of your favorite Pokemon will help you conserve Pokeballs. For example, if you want all of the eeveelutions, catch every eevee you see so you can evolve them.


4. Understand your items!

Razz berries make it easier for you to catch a Pokemon you feed it to so use them on the stronger Pokemon! Incubators must be used to hatch eggs. If an egg isn’t in an incubator, you won’t get your steps on it when walking. Lucky eggs will help you gain experience points quicker.

5. Recognize when your game freezes or doesn’t connect to the servers!

The spinning Pokeball in the left corner that comes up means the app is loading. If it continues to load, even though you are at a dead stop, you may want to restart the app. Sometimes you will have to force a stop on the app first or just restart your phone.

This is the same if you are looking at the Pokemon location table and the stops/Pokemon aren’t changing. If you feel as though you’ve walked in every direction, but the Pokemon is still 3 steps ( about 300 meters) away, the app may be having trouble loading. Restart your app/phone to help it reset itself.

6. Get up and Walk! 

Not only is walking good exercise, but it can also help you find more Pokemon and hatch eggs!

Personally, the hating of eggs is more exciting (make sure you put them in an incubator). Eggs are a great way to get rarer Pokemon.  In my first four egg hatches, I’ve gotten a Clefairy, Machop, Pikachu, and Gastly. Pretty good haul just from eggs!

PokemonGO is starting to crack down on people who try and cheat the system. Be aware if you’re trying to get out of walking. (Lazy S.O.B)

Screenshot_20160713-171457 (1).png

7. Don’t PokemonGO and drive!

Throwing Pokeballs to catch Pokemon is hard enough standing still! It’s even harder while moving! Don’t waste your Pokeballs! Also, it’s not safe to be on your phone while driving! (But mainly the Pokeballs!) Don’t be on your phone while driving! It can wait.

If you really want to drive around and PokemonGO, get a friend to drive while you control both of the phones, or vice versa!

8. Driving over 15-20MPH won’t get you steps for your eggs. 

The game is pretty good at recognizing when you’re in a car if you’re going extremely fast. If you want to hatch your eggs quickly, trying running with your app open.

9. Keep Grinding!

PokemonGO is just getting started. Trading amongst friends is coming, and you never know what else they will come out with. Maybe battling with friends? The sky is the limit with this app!


10. Transfer Pokemon You Don’t Need!*

Not only do Pokemon clog your inbox, but you will also get an extra candy by transferring your Pokemon! Meaning catching a Pokemon and transferring it will net you four candies instead of 3! Only 100 more Magikarps beore you get a Gyarados!

* There is a trick that you can use to level faster.  If you save a whole bunch of pokemon, activate a lucky egg, and then power them up, you can get experience points a lot quicker in the thirty minutes that lucky egg is active

11. Learn how to throw Pokeballs!

Practice makes perfect! If you throw a curveball, you have a greater chance of catch a pokemon, but they are harder to throw!

12. Watch your battery!

PokemonGO drains a lot of battery. Pay attention to it. Nothing like finding a rare pokemon just to have your phone die on you!

Side Note: The game recognizes that your phone is going to die. If a Pokemon is in a Pokeball, the game will play out the scenario even if your phone died during the middle of the action. For example, I had a Psyduck in a pokeball when my phone died, I later opened the app to find I caught him. I also had a Charmander in a pokeball when my phone died, later to open the app and realize I didn’t catch him.


13. Know what the location means!

If the location is blinking in the bottom right corner, you are headed in the right direction! The step counter is the distance the Pokemon is away from you!

Well there is only one thing to do now…Be the very best that no one ever was! Gotta catch em all!

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