Mass Effect: Andromeda – Infiltrator Build – Level 30

Mass Effect: Andromeda, the fourth installment in the Mass Effect universe, is a unique game completely separate from the original trilogy.  There is no more Commander Shepard, but this time, you play as Pathfinder Ryder.

One of the best aspects of Mass Effect: Andromeda is the profile you choose doesn’t limit your ability choices. For example, if the player chooses his or her profile to be a solider, he or she is no longer limited to three or four traits that are specific to a solider. The player may want a solider that also has biotic and tech abilities!

The following set up is my profile build for an Infiltrator at Level 30. I’ll explain each choice and why I’ve chosen that specific trait. I’ve been playing on Hardcore and done really well with this build. I hope everyone has as much success as I do!


If you want to watch a video of this build and some gameplay, check out the following video!

  • Combat
    • Sniper Rifles
      • Weight
        • Will decrease the weight of sniper rifles so you can keep your ability cooldown at 100%
      • Clip Size
        • Gives your sniper rifle added rounds in the clip
          • Definitely helps when you have a sniper rifle which doesn’t have a big clip
            • My sniper rifle of choice is the Black Widow
      • Damage and Force
        • More sniper rifle damage
          • I’ve always been a fan of doing as much damage with one shot as possible
    • Combat Fitness
      • Regeneration
        • Increases Regeneration rates
          • Gives you an opportunity to get back into the fight quicker
      • Extra Holster
        • Added weapon weight capacity
      • Hold the Line
        • Low Health Resistance
          • Give you a chance to get behind behind cover in case of an emergency
  • Biotics
    • Throw
      • Damage and Force
        • Best way to get the rushing target off of you and do as much damage as possible
      • Recharge Speed
        • Let’s you get throw to use it as much as possible
      • Swift Detonation
        • More detonation damage
          • Throw works really well with Incinerate (shown in the tech section) as a detonator to Incinerate which primes the target.
          • Also gives added recharge speed
  • Tech
    • Incinerate
      • Burning
        • More Damage over time and duration
      • Impact
        • More initial damage
      • Double Incinerate
        • Sends out two incinerate balls
        • Will sometimes hit the same target twice
        • Will start the burning damage on several targets and prepare them for a sniper rifle shot or a throw
    • Tactical Cloak
      • Damage Bonus
        • Back to the one shot one kill mentality
      • Speed
        • Increased movement speed while cloaked
          • Only important if you want to use a shotgun like I do.
          • Also nice to get out of harms way.
      • Combat Cloak
        • Cloak during after you attack is 2 seconds
          • Gives you a chance to escape if you’re in a bad area
          • Also gives you the chance to get a second shot off with the same damage benefits
    • Offensive Tech
      • Anti-Shield
        • More damage against shields
          • You can pick your poison here
      • Detonators
        • Tech damage bonus
      • Technical Rounds
        • Added Gun damage after using a tech power
          • Works really well with Tactical Cloak
    • Team Support (For Those who want to be a team player) (Also helps you out)
      • Support
        • More Power restoration and defense
      • Team Recovery
        • Gives you and your team added recovery

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