Mass Effect: Andromeda – A Turian Ark: Lost but Not Forgotten

A Turian Ark: Lost but Not Forgotten is a side quest in Mass Effect: Andromeda. This mission doesn’t contain a ton of action, but does have some key aspects and will also effect the end game of Mass Effect: Andromeda. This article will contain a walkthrough of the mission, so if you don’t want to know what happens, back away now. You’ve been warned!

The overall plot of this mission is to help Avitus find the Turian Pathfinder.

After you receive this mission (you’ll get an email from Avitus after meeting him on Havarl), you’ll have to search the Turian wreckage on Elaaden. (This part of the mission is the only action you’ll see. The rest is storyline.) Coming up to the wreckage you’ll notice some bandits. You should be easily able to take them out. After taking out the bandits, you’ll have to scan cryo pods to try and see if the Turian Pathfinder’s body is there. Spoiler alert, he isn’t.

Turian Ark

Now you’ll have to go back to the tempest to talk to Avitus via the comm link.

You’ll now have to head to the Ark Natanus in the Remav system. (Top right hand corner of your galaxy map)

Once you’re onboard, you’ll start looking for the Turian Pathfinder. To do this, you’ll have to walk around and reroute power from door to door. You’ll also get some audio clips as to what happened.

Once you find the Sam Node, you’ll learn that the Turian Pathfinder died, but wanted Avitus to take the Sam Node and become the Turian Pathfinder.

You can choose to convince Avitus to become the pathfinder or not. If you want him to become the pathfinder, you must tell him “yes you can”. This is a huge decision in Mass Effect: Andromeda. If he becomes Turian Pathfinder, he will help you later in game.

If you want to watch the play through of this mission, check out the video below!

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