Mass Effect: Andromeda – Isharay Review!

The Isharay is a rare sniper rifle in Mass Effect: Andromeda. In multiplayer, it can be obtained from purchasing shipments in the store. In single player, it can be found in containers or researched with Heleus research data.

There are several key statistics of the Isharay which can make it extremely effective or utterly useless depending on your play style and how good you can be with a sniper rifle in your hands.

Isharay Review

(Note: These are statistics from the weapon in multiplayer, they may vary slightly in single player)

The first stat to note is the damage. The Isharay deals a monster amount of damage! If you’re a sniper who lives by the mantra, “one shot, one kill”, this will definitely be the rifle for you!

Unfortunately, that’s where the positives of this rifle stop.

The max clip size is only one, meaning if you don’t get the “one shot, one kill”, you’re going to have to reload before you can try to finish the job. This can be extremely detrimental to players who aren’t as accurate especially when enemies are running around. It also makes the time to kill on more heavily armor and shielded enemies a little slower than other sniper rifles that deal a little less damage but have more rounds in the clip.

The max ammo held is also pretty low at 14 meaning you’ll have to find ammo crates more often than with other sniper rifles.

On top of that, the weapon is extremely heavy, making the recharge time of your abilities slower than other rifles will.

Let’s look at some mods that will definitely enhance the weapon to it’s full potential.

The first one I’d recommend is weapon damage. Increasing the weapon damage for this rifle any percentage goes a long way especially since it already deals a ton of damage. Since the mods are by percentage, damage mods will significantly increase the damage of the Isharay!

The second I’d go with is to reduce weapon weight. When using this weapon, one ability I love using is tactical cloak. I love being able to use tactical cloak with the Isharay to deal even more damage output. Having reduce weight will allow me to use tactical cloak more often and get more one hit kills.

Overall, I like using the Isharay and is definitely worth a look especially for players who love the saying “one show, one kill”. I wouldn’t call this the best sniper rifle in the game, but I’d say it’s up there in the top 5!

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