Mass Effect: Andromeda – Vanguard Build – Level 30

The Vanguard in Mass Effect: Andromeda is the front line character. It’s the character that throws himself or herself into a horde of enemies and has enough tools to survive and tell the tale. This post is going to dive into a level 30 Vanguard build and how to best set up this class so you can charge into a group of powerful enemies, and live to tell the tale.

The great aspect of Mass Effect: Andromeda is that the player is able to customize his or her character however he or she wants. The following setup is how I built my Vanguard. I’ll go into detail of my choices and why I landed on that specific trait.

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Vanguard Build

First I’m going to dive into the Biotics Section of the Vangaurd

  • Biotics
    • Nova 
      • You’re going to be throwing yourself into the mix, slamming the ground and dealing massive damage to anything that around you is important!
        • Damage and Force
          • Extra damage is always nice
        • Anti Shield
          • There are a lot of tough enemies with shields, being able to get rid of their shield as quickly as possible will help to be able to knock them down quicker
        • Seismic Nova
          • This does extra damage AND primes them for combo detonation!
    • Charge
      • This ability is definitely a staple! You charge at enemies able to knock them back (unshielded enemies) and deal damage.
        • Damage and Force
        • Power Synergy
          • Enhances powers after charging for 5 seconds. Works really well to use charge to change into an enemy, and then nova to deal more damage!
        • Bastion
          • This is an extremely important ability. When you charge, your shields will be fully restored and incoming damage will be reduced for a time.
          • Throwing yourself into the mix, you’re going to lose your shield frequently. Getting it back however possible is invaluable.
    • Shockwave
      • Throws a shockwave towards enemies. This works really nice with nova as nova primes the enemy for combo detonation and shockwave detonates that charge!
        • Damage and force
        • Recharge Speed
        • Anti Armor
          • Being able to do extra damage to enemies with armor such as fiends in important, add on top of that the combo detonation with nova and you’re dealing a lot of damage!
    • Barrier
      • Recuperative Barrier
        • Trying to restore your shield as quickly as possible
      • Biotic Alacrity
        • You get extra weapon weight capacity which will help with recharge speeds. You also get shield cost reduction and increased movement speed with an active shield
      • Saving Barrier
        • When you get to low health, your shields will be restored. This has saved my life more times than I’d like to admit!
    • Offensive Biotics
      • Amplitude
        • Increases Biotic power
      • Detonation
        • More damage from detonations (Nova + Shockwave is great!)
      • Biotic Expert
        • Increased damage when using a power after using a biotic ability. You’ll be using your biotic abilities back to back to back frequently with this build!
  • Combat
    • Combat Tools
      • Evasion
      • Arial Melee
        • Remember with the Vanguard profile, melee restores shields. Extra melee damage is always welcome and being in the air while doing a melee does a ground pound type move!
      • Martial Arts
        • More melee damage!
    • Combat Fitness (Not fully invested at level 30)
      • Regeneration
      • Extra Holster

Check out the video of this setup and some gameplay in the video below!

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