Best Destiny Hunter Nightstalker Solo Build!

The Nightstalker subclass of the Hunter is the cream of the crop when it comes to a support class. The Nightstalker is able to generate a ton of obs, slow down enemies, and make it so you and your teammates can take out enemies with ease. But what if you wanted to use the Nightstalker without teammates? Maybe you want to play the storyline alone. Perhaps you want to complete missions and quests so when your friends get on you can run through some strikes or trials. Whatever the case may be, I’m going to give you a setup for a solo Hunter Nighstalker that will help you get through the hordes of enemies without breaking a sweat!

Destiny_NightStalker edit

  • Grenade – Vortex Grenade
    • This works well with Shadowshot. You get to group large groups of enemies together and then toss a vortex grenade in the middle and have the continuous damage of the vortex destroy your enemies!
  • Jump – Better Control
    • This gives a little bit extra recovery which is why it is chosen.
  • Shadowshot – Black Hole
    • This will tether more enemies and will last longer which is extremely important for crowd control. It works well with vortex grenade and helps keep enemies off of you which is very important when you are soloing.
  • Smoke – Vanish in Smoke
    • This is a failsafe just in case you’re low on health you can go invisible and get out of dodge.
  • Path Forgotten
    • Increasing toughness and speed
  • Courage of the Pack
    • Killing tethered targets increases recovery and armor. This can be huge when you are soloing.
  • Way of the Drifter
    • Training focused on all attributes
  • Predator 
    • This decreases Shadowshot cooldown.
    • (Check below to see the gear as to why I pick predator here)


  • Exotic Weapon – Bad Juju
    • The Bad Juju is an amazing PVE weapon. With the Bad Juju, your weapon automatically reloads after every kill. As long as you are getting kills, you can continue to shoot without having to reload. This is amazing for when hordes of thrawls are breathing down your neck and vital to when you are soloing.
  • Exotic Armor – Graviton Forfeit
    • This piece of armor grants shadestep so there is no need to chose it in your setup. That’s why Predator is chosen. I love being able to call in my shadowshot more with the decreased cooldown and be able to evade with shadestep thanks to my Graviton Forfeit.


Check out the gameplay of this setup with the link below!

Hunter Nightstalker Solo Build!

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