Battlefield 1 – Best Medic Build for team support!

Battlefield 1, like previous Battlefield installments, has four different classes: Medic, Assault, Scout and Support. Each class is imperative to winning games in Battlefield 1. This article will dive deeper into the Medic and how to best setup this class to support your team and win games.

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mondragon storm

Primary – Mondragon Storm

The Mondragon Storm has 10 rounds in the clip and a great fire fate to boot. This gun will help you get kills quickly, and you’re going to need it. This setup is going to have the medic (you) up in the front lines supporting your team.

Secondary – Auto Revolver

Another great gun for getting kills quickly. What this weapon lacks in fire rate, easily makes up for it with damage per shot.


Gadget 1 – Medical Crate

The medical crate is not only good for keeping yourself alive, but also keeping your teammates alive. There are a lot of battles where both teams are fighting for control of an area. You’ll not only keep your teammates alive, but you’ll be racking up the healing points as you do it!

Gadget 2 – Medical Syringe 

The medical syringe is another great way to help keep your team in the fight. As your teammates go down, you bring them back to life. This will not only keep your team fighting for an area longer, but it will also save your team from getting deaths on the scoreboard.

Grenade – Gas Grenade

Gas grenades are great for area control. Lobbing a gas grenade into an area is going to do one of two things. Either the enemies will have to leave the area or they will have to put on their gas masks preventing them from aiming down the site. This will not only make it easier to kill enemies, but also easier to revive your fallen teammates.

Melee – Pickaxe 

Pickaxe is pretty versatile and can be used in a plethora of scenarios. It also has a pretty good range.


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