Best Scout Setup in Battlefield 1!

The scout class, also known as the sniping class in Battlefield 1, is imperative to helping teams dominate games.  Let’s be honest, if you’re using the scout class, you’re using it because you want to snipe. However, if you use the right setup, you can not only snipe, but provide much needed support to your team to help turn the tides of battle! Let’s get into the setup (see below the picture), but first, if you want to check out the video of this setup, check out this link => Scout Class Setup – Battlefield 1

Scout Class

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Now let’s look at the Scout Setup

Primary – Gewehr 98 Sniper


This gun is the cream of the crop when it comes to rifles in Battlefield 1.  It has the highest velocity of any sniper in Battlefield 1, making it easier to hit moving targets. The scope is also great which helps with target acquisition.  The sweet spot zone is 80-125 meters. This zone actually feels just right. You don’t have to stay too far from the action, but you don’t have to get close enough where the support or assault classes can kill you easily.

Secondary – Bodeo 1889


The Bodeo packs a huge punch. This revolver may be lacking when it comes to fire rate, but if you’re a good shot, you’ll be getting a lot of two shot kills with the Bodeo 1889. If you’re a patient shooter, you can outgun a lot of enemies at close range, even the enemies who are using guns like the MP18!

Gadget 1 – Flare Gun – Spot


The Flare Gun – Spot is extremely versatile.  The reason why I carry the flare gun – spot is when I’m in close quarters scenarios.  Before running around a corner, or going into a run (potentially to capture an objective) guns blazing, I like to shoot off the flare gun to see if there are any enemies around. This will make it much easier to capture objectives and stay alive longer.  If I know I’m not going to get into any close quarter scenarios, I’ll shoot the spot flare off into the distance to not only help my teammates spot enemies easier, but also so I can rack up the spot flare assist points!

Gadget 2 – K Bullets 

K Bullets

This is another versatile gadget that I love using.  The first use is obvious, to help teammates take out vehicles. The second may not be as obvious if you don’t use this class as much. The K Bullets act as regular bullets.  If you’re having a good game, or maybe not having such a good game (you’re just not dying), you are using a lot of bullets. K Bullets can give you an extra five bullets to take out enemies with!

Grenade – Frag

This option can be a matter of opinion and doesn’t matter a huge amount.  Personally, this is my grenade of choice because it can help finish off weak enemies that I failed to get a one hit kill on with either my primary or secondary.

Melee – Pickaxe

This is another users choice. However, this has a decent range and can easily finish off weakened enemies.

Let me know what you think of this build and check me out on facebook! Agent Zero’s Facebook!


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