Ranking the Void Subclasses in Destiny 2

The Void subclasses are one of three subclasses for each of the characters in Destiny 2. The other two are solar and arc, but this post is all about the Void subclass.

The Hunter is given the Nightstalker, a subclass with a super ability that is able to draw a void arrow and tether targets which makes every hit on your tethered enemies a critical hit.

The Warlock is given the Voidwalker, a subclass with a super ability that casts a void supernova and can decimate any enemies who are within the blast radius.

The Titan is given the Sentinel, a subclass with a super ability that summons a void shield which one can throw at enemies, block bullets, and smash enemies.

Before getting into the rankings, let’s dive a little deeper into each of these three void classes.

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Hunter Nightstalker


  • Grenades
    • Vortex
      • Summons a continuous vortex for a short time
    • Spike
      • Attaches to a survice and emits a damaging void light
    • Void wall
      • Creates a horizontal void wall
  • Hunter Class ability – Dodge
    • Marksman
      • Automatically reloads weapon on dodge
    • Gambler’s
      • Dodging near enemies generates melee energy
  • Way of the Trapper 
    • Snare Bomb
      • Throw a smoke bomb which slows enemies down.
      • My quick take – Very good for PVP
    • Keen Scout
      • Move faster and gain a tracker. Tethered enemies are automatically marked.
      • My quick take – This isn’t as useful for PVE. Okay for PVP to know where enemies are around corners
    • Deadfall
      • Void Shot becomes a trap. The void anchor has increased range and lasts longer.
      • My quick take – Very good for groups of enemies in PVE
    • Vanishing Step
      • When dodging you vanish from sight.
      • My quick take – This is okay for PVE to get enemies to stop shooting at you for a shot time.
  • Way of the Pathfinder 
    • Vanish in Smoke
      • Makes yourself and any allies nearby invisible.
      • My quick take – Good to make enemies stop shooting at you in PVE. Can sometimes forget you have it equipped over Snare Bomb and end up accidentally throwing it across the room for no effect.
    • Lockdown
      • Grenade and Smoke lasts twice as long
      • My quick take – Not as effective without being able to use it with Snare bomb.
    • Heart of the Pack
      • Killing tethered targets generates orbs of light and increases all attributes of you and allies.
      • My quick take – This is great for PVE to generate a ton of orbs for your allies.
    • Moebius Quiver
      • Shadowshot can be fired multiple times
      • My quick take – This is better for PVP to kill multiple enemies instead of letting them get some shots off at you.

Warlock Voidwalker


  • Grenades
    • Vortex Grenade.
      • Vortex which damages enemies inside. (Same as Nightstalker Vortex)
    • Axion Bolt Grenade.
      • Summons smalls balls of void light which seek targets
    • Scatter Grenade.
      • Splits into smaller grenades and covers an area of explosions
  • Warlock Class Ability – Rift
    • Healing
      • Creates a circle which heal you and your allies who are inside of it.
    • Empowered
      • Creates a circle which increases gun damage for you and your allies who are inside.
  • Attunement of Chaos
    • Entropic Pull.
      • Hitting an enemy with this melee ability recharges your grenade ability.
      • My quick take – good for both PVP and PVE to get your grenade more often.
    • Chaos Accelerant.
      • Draw power from your super to make your grenade deal more effective.
      • My quick take – It’s okay but not really necessary. Doesn’t make your grenade deal more damage just changes makes it a little better based off of which grenade you use. Worthless in PVE, okay in PVP.
    • Bloom.
      • Void ability kills cause enemies to explode.
      • My quick take – Good in PVE to deal damage to hordes of enemies.
    • Cataclysm.
      • Nova Bomb is extremely slow but when it detonates, it blows up into smaller “nova bombs” which seek targets.
      • My quick take – Decent for taking out a group of enemies in PVE
  • Attunement of Hunger
    • Devour.
      • If you kill an enemy with this melee ability you fully recharge your health. .
        • My quick take – Great way to restore health and combines extremely nicely with Insatiable (see below)!
    • Feed the void.
      • Consume your grenade energy to regenerate your health.
      • My quick take – This is an awesome way to heal quickly especially in PVE. PVP it may save you after you finish a gun fight from another enemy coming up and easily killing you because you’re at low health.
    • Insatiable.
      • Killing enemies while Devour is active (doesn’t have to be melee) will extend it’s duration and recharge your grenade.
      • My quick take – This is awesome for PVE! If you’re facing hordes of enemies, you can constantly be recharging your health!
    • Vortex.
      • Nova Bomb creates a vortex which damages enemies inside of it.
      • My quick take – Decent for PVE when facing a boss or hordes of enemies.

Titan Sentinel

Destiny 2 Sentinel

  • Grenades
    • Magnetic
      • Sticky grenade which explodes twice. 
    • Void wall
      • Creates a horizontal void wall (like Nightstalker). 
    • Suppressor
      • Suppresses enemies abilities. ]
  • Titan Class Ability – Barricade
    • Towering
      • Large wall which damages enemies if they walk through it.
    • Rally
      • Small wall which allows you to crouch behind it to reload and shoot over it.
  • Code of the Protector
    • Defensive Strike
      • Gives you an overshield when you kill an enemy.
      • My quick take – Nice to give you an added shield when in PVE especially when thralls are breathing down your neck!
    • Rallying Force –
      • Melee kills restore health.
      • My quick take – You can never go wrong with restoring health. Lick with Defensive Strike, nice when thralls are breathing down your neck in PVE.
    • Turn the Tide –
      • Overshield from Defensive Strike lasts longer and increases melee damage and reload speed. 
      • My quick take – I hope you like your melee when you’re using this build! This is again, good for PVE. Can also be good for PVP but much more useful in PVE.
    • Ward of Dawn
      • Create a bubble
      • My quick take – If you liked the bubble from the original Destiny, you’re in luck! However, all it does is protect you from bullets, doesn’t give you any of the neat power ups that Destiny did.
  • Code of the Aggressor
    • Superior Arsenal
      • Grenade kills recharge your grenade.
      • My quick take – Can’t go wrong with more grenade energy. Both PVE and PVP benefit from it.
    • Shield Bash
      • Sprint and then you get a shield bash.
      • My quick take – Decent for PVP. Not as useful for PVE considering a lot of enemies are either weak or in hordes. Don’t want to throw yourself into the middle of a horde. 
    • Second Shield
      • Gain a second shield throw.
      • My quick take – Very nice for both game modes if you’re accurate with the shield throw. Worthless if you can’t aim.  
    • In the Trenches
      • Getting kills in hordes of enemies reduce the cooldown of your super.
      • My quick take – Very nice in PVE when surrounded by hordes of enemies. Not as useful in PVP

Well now that we’ve gone through each Void class individually, let’s take a look at the different categories I’m going to rank them in.

Super Ability Void Rankings

3. Warlock Voidwalker

  • I love playing as the Voidwalker, but the super is lacking. With Attunement of Chaos, a grandma with a walker could avoid that super ability making it almost worthless in PVP unless you can get extremely lucky.  Attunement of Hunger Supernova is a little better and helps with crowd control, but the other two Void supers are just better.

2. Titan Sentinel

  • Becoming Captain America, even for a short time has always been a dream. It’s awesome to be able to throw your shield at enemies and bash their heads in. It works well for both PVP and PVE, but is lacking a little bit when it comes to damaging bosses.

1.  Hunter Nightstalker

  • Overall, the Void bow is extremely versatile. it is amazing at crowd control in both PVP and PVE. It allows for high amounts of damage output to both bosses and minions and can shut down enemies in PVP if you’re accurate enough with it.


Grenade Ability Void Rankings

3. Hunter Nightstalker

  • Well, I guess this is how Bungie decided to balance it out. The Vortex grenade can be good in the right situation or paired with the right combination, but overall, all the of Nightstalker grenades are lacking especially when playing in PVP if you don’t combine them with the smoke grenade or the tether.

2. Titan Sentinel

  • The Sentinel’s grenades are only slightly better than the Nightstalker’s grenades. Suppressor grenade is situational and to be honest feels underpowered. I don’t like the void wall grenade, and the magnetic grenade is nice, if you can get the stick.

1.  Warlock Voidwalker

  • Well there had to be a winner of the grenade section. To be honest, the void ability grenades are lacking in general. Axion bolt is decent in PVE. When it comes down to PVP, you have to hope your enemies aren’t paying attention because the bolts travel pretty slowly (Granted, this can happen quite often in gun battles).  Scatter grenade can do some damage in hordes of enemies but is lacking in PVP. Vortex grenade, like on the Nightstalker, is situational and best suited for crowd control.

PVP Rankings

3. Warlock Voidwalker

  • Unfortunately the Voidwalker is lacking overall when it comes to PVP. Every subclass other than the Voidwalker has the opportunity at an extended duration for their super whether it comes down to running around with a super ability or multiple shots with a super ability. The Voidwalker only gets to throw the Supernova once so you better make it count. Melee abilities that can’t be used like a grenade or have a shoulder charge attached to it are pretty worthless currently with the 4 v 4 format. Most players are hanging back with their teammates and PVP just isn’t as fast paced as it used to be making it hard to hit enemies with the melee ability. The only saving grace of the Voidwalker is the ability to heal whether it’s with the healing circle or using the grenade energy to heal up.

2. Titan Sentinel

  • Playing as Captain America is definitely fun. Running around with the shield and being able to bash enemies and throw the shield at them can definitely generate several kills. The magnetic grenade is okay and the wall can be used to capture objectives.

1. Hunter Nightstalker

  • There shouldn’t be any question about this. The Hunter Nightstalker essentially has two grenade abilites which work very well together. Smoke is absolutely great in the new PVP format. Enemies have a habit of running away from battle and smoke is a way to keep them there. It’s also great when pared with the vortex grenade and tethering targets is a way to control the battlefield.

PVE – Solo Rankings

3. Titan Sentinel

  • While the Titan Sentinel is great and fun to play as, a lot of this subclasses abilities revolve throwing yourself into hordes of enemies. This normally doesn’t fair well when you’re soloing. You want to have good survivability, and it’s hard to argue that when a class has to be thrown into enemies to be as effective as it can be.

2. Hunter Nightstalker

  • The Hunter Nightstalker has some tricks up it’s sleeves to be effective as a solo act. The vortex grenade, smoke, and tether are great ways to control the battlefield. Unfortunately, lacking an ability that helps this class heal or get a shield is what makes this class fall a little short when it comes to soloing with this class.

1.  Warlock Voidwalker

  • Easily one of the best classes when it comes to soloing. You can’t revive yourself from the dead like the Sunsinger could in the original Destiny, but you can revive yourself from being pretty close to dead. The Voidwalker has numerous ways to heal with devour, healing rift, and feel the void, you can constantly heal and not have to worry about dying.

PVE – Support

3. Titan Sentinel

  • While this subclass has a lot of tools, it doesn’t bring much to the team. The Sentinel can kill hordes of enemies, but not as effectively as the other two void subclasses. The bubble is okay, but lacks when compared to other class supporting abilities.

2. Warlock Voidwalker

  • The Voidwalker can take out a horde of enemies fairly quickly and easily with Nova bomb. The Voidwalker can also help with crowd control thanks to the vortex grenade, but what really sets it apart from the Sentinel is the ability to create a circle that can either heal your team or give them extra damage!

1. Hunter Nightstalker

  • Was there ever any question as to which void subclass was the best for support? The Hunter Nightstalker is great for crowd control or helping teammates out. Tethering and killing targets will create orbs for your teammates. You can make yourself invisible if you need to revive a downed teammate or help with crowd control with the vortex grenade. If you opt for smoke over going invisible, that will help with crowd control as well.

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