Warlock Voidwalker: Attunement of Chaos vs Attunement of Hunger – Destiny 2!

The Warlock Voidwalker draws power from the void to create a large Novabomb which causes destruction wherever it lands! There are two options when it comes to creating your perfect Warlock Voidwalker: Attunement of Hunger and Attunement of Chaos. Let’s take a closer look at each of these subclass builds and figure out which one is the better choice!


Let’s fully dive into both of these builds!

  • Attunement of Chaos
    • Entropic Pull.
      • Hitting an enemy with this melee ability recharges your grenade ability.
    • Chaos Accelerant.
      • Draw power from your super to make your grenade deal more effective.
    • Bloom.
      • Void ability kills cause enemies to explode.
    • Cataclysm.
      • Nova Bomb is extremely slow but when it detonates, it blows up into smaller “nova bombs” which seek targets.

On the surface, Attunement of Chaos seems set up to take out large groups of enemies in PVE and decimate opponents in PVP.  Grenades are most important when it comes to PVP. Being able to get more grenade energy with each melee hit and being able to make your grenades more effective is definitely a plus.  The smaller nova bombs created by cataclysm helps cover a larger area being able to get enemies who were trying to run away. You can also shot the nova bomb to have it blow up early.

Now that we’ve talked about “on the surface” let’s actually talk about how the Attunement of Chaos works in principle.  First let’s talk about the “bread and butter”, cataclysm.  The novabomb travels extremely slowly. In fact, it travels so slowly that by the time it actually lands, your opponents will be half way across the world ( or at least the map in the case of PVP). You really have to catch your enemies off guard and be very good at predicting where they are going to be for Cataclysm to be effective in PVP.  PVE though, pretty nice and covers a large area.

Next, the class is set up to make the grenade ability better. Hitting an enemy with your melee in order to charge your grenade energy is always welcome especially because hitting enemies with your grenade (especially in PVP) is crucial. On top of that, you can consume some of your super energy to make the grenade more effective. In PVP, this is welcome. The Voidwalker grenades aren’t great but making them more effective definitely helps out. It won’t make the grenades do more damage, but it will do different things depending on the grenade, for example, vortex grenade gets a bigger radius and lasts longer.  Consuming super energy in PVP is welcome, considering you’re only going to get your super once so any super energy you get after that is wasted unless you put it into your grenade ability. Using super energy in PVE is not as welcome. You can be losing out on doing massive amounts of damage to either a boss or hordes of enemies by using your super.


Let’s take a look at Attunment of Hunger and then dive into which Attunement of the Voidwalker is best!

  • Attunement of Hunger
    • Devour.
      • If you kill an enemy with this melee ability you fully recharge your health. .
    • Feed the void.
      • Consume your grenade energy to regenerate your health.
    • Insatiable.
      • Killing enemies while Devour is active (doesn’t have to be melee) will extend it’s duration and recharge your grenade.
    • Vortex.
      • Nova Bomb creates a vortex which damages enemies inside of it.

The Attunement of Hunger is essentially saying that the Voidwalker is hungry for health! This subclass build is set up to constantly revive your health. Devour allows you to restore health after you kill an enemy and combined with Insatiable, you can constantly be healing yourself after every kill which is extremely useful.  On this build, you’re able to use your grenade energy to heal yourself which can come extremely handy in a pinch! Nova bomb is just like what it was in Destiny; you throw it and it creates a vortex which lasts for a time.

Let’s now dive a little deeper! The constant healing is extremely effective in PVE. You can almost save yourself from every near death experience as long as you’re paying attention. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for PVP. It’s extremely difficult to kill an enemy with your melee ability in PVP meaning that Devour and Insatiable are almost useless in PVP. However, being able to consume your grenade energy to heal yourself is nice after a long gunfight so another enemy player can’t easily come in and finish you off.  Using this Nova bomb ability is much easier to get a kill and also allows for a little bit better map control.

Now, let’s take a look at which one is better!

PVE Solo – Attunement of Hunger

This one was the easiest choice. When you’re soloing, you don’t have any room for error. Constantly being able to heal yourself gives you an edge up. On top of all the healing abilities of the Attunement of Hunger, don’t forget that the Warlock also has the healing rift!

PVE with Team – Attunement of Hunger

While you may not be able to revive yourself from the grave, the Attunement of Hunger is the next best thing! Being able to survive while with a squad is extremely important especially when trying to keep the strike (or whatever mission you’re running with a team) going.  You can make some risky moves and be able to live to tell the tale with the ability to heal yourself.

PVP – Attunement of Chaos 

I’ve definitely disappointed with the overall feel of the Voidwalker when it comes to the crucible.  You have to make sure you’re watching the map when you’re casting Novabomb considering it travels no faster than a slug, but making the grenade ability be more effective is important. Also, being able to use worthless super energy ( energy built up after you use your first super because you won’t get a second) is definitely worth it.

Overall – Attunement of Hunger

The Warlock Voidwalker shines in PVE and has so many tools for it. However, all of those tools are with the Attunement of Hunger. Unfortunately for the Attunement of Chaos, it is good for PVP, and that is where the Voidwalker is lacking. The grenades aren’t great and the abilities overall just aren’t suited for PVP when compared to other subclasses. Overall, I love running with the Voidwalker in PVE thanks to Attunement of Hunger.

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