The Revenant Review – February 22, 2016

You’re in the woods, scouting ahead. You know the area well, and the goal is to lead a fur company across the terrain to their final destination. It’s quiet when all of sudden you see an innocent bear cub strolling along. Your heart sinks knowing that mama bear is sure to be close by. Just when you get this feeling of dread, mama bear attacks. An epic battle takes place as you fight for your life and the bear tries to protect her cub.

This is exactly what happened to Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) in The Revenant. The question is, how strong is your will will to live?


The Revenant takes the viewer on a journey of survival and revenge. Following Hugh Glass on his epic journey. This movie (as shown by the poster above if you haven’t noticed) is inspired by true events. I’ll be honest, I have no idea how much of the story is actually true, but this is an amazing story topped off with perfect acting. One can almost be certain Leonardo DiCarprio accepted this role and told himself there was no way he was missing out on another Oscar.

Pros: Fantastic acting from Leonardo DiCaprio as well as Tom Hardy and other supporting actors, Great storyline, Inspirational movie

Cons: Movie can be slow at times

Overall: 9.1/10

A fantastic story coupled with an Oscar worthy performance by Leonardo DiCaprio makes The Revenant a must see film.

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